Flame chest & big spender

Here is my analysis of the events of this week.

Flame Emblem Exchange
Whats the best deal to exchange your flame emblems for?
1.) If you could get enough emblems for free to get a Smoldering pincer mount, that would be the best deal. However, I do not recommending buying chests for balens (see later), so you should just hope for a free pincer from free chests.
2.) The second best deal is either clothes (not the wing!) or sepulcrum. In BR-for-emblem calculation, sepulcrum is a little better, but for many players the visual counts too, so they will go for the cloth, I guess.

Flame chest value
The average value of items you can get from the Flame chest (purchased for 39 balens) is approx. 27.64 balens. This is a very bad value chest, you shouldn't buy it.

Gem synthesis event
We have a gem synthesis event where you can claim each reward only once. Wartune designers should learn that since they did multiple unlimited events in the past, making a limited one can reach only one goal: piss off customers and get rid off them. I don't care about the rewards - be it mount whips, runestones, or chicken heads - but I want a reward for each gem made. Especially since the number of times a player can do SC -> WHIP -> GEM -> SC cycle is very limited. Once your SC and WHIP is maxed, it is over, you can't get more gems. So if anyone makes gems during a limited event, he can't replace them later, so literally loses 20-30k BR permanently by missing the rewards. And Wartune wants to lure people into that???

New item: Soul Seal
Finally, here is the item which let's people continue engraving soul. You can get soul seal 3 way now: 

  • winning sylph atoll boss event
  • participating in flame temple (higher level battlegrounds)
  • spending balens

There are 2 questions about soul seal:
1.) how much it worth? Determining it's value is not easy, since we know little of the development costs yet. So here is my speculation: early on, cost goes up fast, until it reach like 400 seals per level, then it will slow down. So we can say on the long term, expect like 400 seal to give one level. I gain +400 BR per level (most of my gems are lvl 10), so I set seal value to 10 balens apiece now.
2.) Should I hoard it? There is a chance that there will be a spender event for soul seals, of course. Still, I recommend that as long a level costs only a few seals, you should use them. The BR gain is really huge for very little invested. When you need a lot of seals for one level, you can start hoarding.

Big spender
Seriously: You don't want to thank Wartune this Gem synthesis event by spending balens, right? Not even a cent. Unless its such a great promotion that is compensates for it - but it doesn't.

Still, I make the analysis: but I recommend that you do not spend. Especially since there is nothing really good to buy at the moment. The seals look appealing, but you need to throw out too much money on the window to get a significant amount. And don't forget: gem event...!!!

value: 57 balens (5.7% bonus)

value: 200+57 balens (12.8% bonus)

value: 739+257 balens (20% bonus)

value: 1300+996 balens (23% bonus)

value: 2760+2296 balens (25% bonus)

value: 5056+4500 (32% bonus)

value: 9556+7600 (34% bonus)

1K USD pack? seriously? c'mon...


  1. what about fashion cores? are they better than the green stuff?

    1. fashion core, it's value dropped once u hit fishing Level 25, getting at least 10shards=1per day, if patient enough u get close to 20shards= 2 per day.