Wartune: Hall of Fame 3

People were waiting since long for the „Hall of Fame” event in Wartune, where you can just claim awesome rewards just based on your BR. Last HoF's rewards included the golden Apollo Wings (wasn't very difficult to reach) and Darknite Panter (a mount only a ver heavy casher could reach). The HoF 3 is finally announced, but players are very disappointed.

400k required for the mount - a condition which is very difficult for even the top whales who spent 100k+ USD.
Additional item rewards for 250/300/350k BR: Even the 300k is not easy for medium cashers.
There is no Apollo Wings or Darknite Panther, but there is a new set of clothes and wing - available only to one player per server.

Moderator Greenfireflygirl was kind enough to ask some info for the players from the developers:

Potions/Scroll not working, we are used to that since long, but blessing wheel not working either, thats new (and not making much sense). Most of us live with 200% Academy blessing most of the time, so we don't even know how much is our BR without it :)

To be honest, I do not trust entirely the developers giving us correct information. This blog is about giving advices, so I give you guys the following advices regarding this Hall of Fame event:

1.) Do not spend balen JUST to increase your BR for the sake of this event. Do spend keeping the limits you set for yourself, to reach your goals, and only on excellent deals. If in the last day you see you just miss a tiny bit, then you can use up something you stocked up, but thats all.

2.) On the day before the patch, before you log off, pump up your BR, do everything I suggest here in thisarticle. I recommend that you even log off in a dungeon so map bonus apply, and you can fire up a warrior's call as well, just in case. Also do the same the next day, 10 minutes before the patch when you log off. Academy, map bonus etc. might count or might not, but better be prepared for any case.

Btw, my personal opinion is that they do this event the perfectly wrong way. People are in a complete stress when the BR is taken. There are many ways to make mistake here, which is very difficult to correct (last HoF gave the customer service and programmers work for 3 MONTHS!) So this is what they should do instead:

Make a Hot event with keys „Claim 250K reward”, „Claim 300K reward” etc. And in any moment when the player has that BR, let him claim the prize. Put this button only on the main page so players can't player around with dungeon, map and other bonuses. I do remember they already did one BR event that way. I don't understand why they can't do it that way again. Also, I wouldn't fumble around with giving the cloth set only to the top, just add it to the 350K reward.


  1. couldn't agree more with the expected trouble coming with rewards.
    they can't already manage the normal flow of ticket, so i can't even imagine what will happen with this one...
    they love creating trouble to themselves

  2. satisying post, lately ive been playing the asian versian of wartune divosaga and everything is better no gem scroll costs over 35 balens, way cheaper over there