Socialization and loyalty

Today I would like to write about a topic which is not related to optimize your character or gain more BR. But it is equal importance if you want to have fun in the game (in fact, in any game). It is socialization, your connection to other players.

In Wartune, there are many events which require teamplay. And this is a good thing, since it creates a community, and keeps players playing (since you don't want to quit and abandon your friends, right?) Still, I see it causes a problem for the majority of players to find partners for their daily multi-player dungeon, spire, arena etc.

You can do 2 things to find partners:

1.) Yell each day on guild or world chat, that you need additional players for spire, lych lair etc. The game even has built-in „LFG” tools to help this. Actually, when you start playing, this is your only way to find partners. But, after a while, this gets tiresome. You spend a lot of time yelling; sometimes no one wants to help; sometimes the people who join up are lame, and you fail early, or even worse, they quit / dc in the middle. This can really take away the fun in the long term, and can be the main reason of quitting.

2.) You must find 3 other players of similar playtime and skills like you, and always do team activities together with them. Every day. Sounds like impossible? Be assured, all good players do it this way. This is the only way on the long term. Let's face it: most people who play Wartune, play it like 4-6 hours a day. Then you can surely find an hour when all of you are online. Of course it can still happen that one player quits or you think too differently. In that case it's usually hard to find a replacement. In desperate situations, you can even play 2 character at once, and you friend can do the same, and then you need only one friend. But 3-4 is better of course.

When I see in guildchat: „No one is helping me! This is a bad guild, I go to somewhere else.” I always try to explain this concept, but not all players are smart enough to do it. Also, in some cases a players starts on a server with 6-10 months delay (or returns from many months of afk), have no balens and is not willing to buy any, for them it is indeed hard to find a permanent team. For players like this, I recommend that they restart on a new server. It's more fun, in an old server you can never catch up with the rest and you have to beg for help for the remainder of your life.

Besides making a team, loyalty / friendship is very important. After you are together for a while, and the team seems to work, think of your best real-life friend, or the family members which you feel closest to yourself. And give the exact same respect, loyalty and trust to those who you team with. This is the only way. Never blame them, never backstab them, always do what is best for your team. Because they are your family. You don't want to lose them.

I will write a similar article about guild socialization too.


  1. i find this post hilarious, your on point, but its funny cause its so relatable lol i like how you say "yell", i laughed more than i should but.. miklos keep the content coming

  2. this what I did if I find wilds boss... trumpet: "Thrills awaits you in the wilds [Deathly Sands] lvl50 wilds boss purge lord found, PM me if wanna join.."

  3. what bugs me more than players that are having VIP status, are players with more than one account on the same game server...
    just becuz it's a game, they think that life have second chances.. IMO just play it once and well then get over it. Life doesn't rewind for you to change history