Turkey exchange

Here is Wartune's new gamble-chest exchange. The only new about it is that it's combined with a "group buy" - if enough people buy this chest, you get a discount. First, let's see what we can get for the turkey drumsticks:

Gold, kyanite and mount whips are obviously not why we should collect these.
Divinity shards can be useful to some people, 1 shard is still as expensive as 20 balens, so there you get 20 balens for each drumstick.
Will crystal is another option, unless you have lvl 5+ will crystals, each will crystal shard worth at least 3 balens, so in this case you get 45 balen per drumstick. But now, I strongly advise against this. There are just too many ways to get free will crystals. 
Mount hoofs worth only 10 balens, so exchanging Drumstick for those is a no-go.
A Skeletal Dragon can be cool, but for Drumsticks, it's just too expensive. Either hope to be lucky and get it from a chest, or wait until they sell it for balens.

So it's either divinity shards (if you want to evolve Hades/Apollo) or will crystals.

Now let's see how much balen a plump turkey worth:
  • Turkey Drumstick x1 - converts to either 1 div.shard or 15 will crystal shard
  • 100,000 Gold - we don't need more gold (at least not for balens)
  • Fate Stone x3 - most of us don't need fate stones either
  • Mount Training Whip x3 - a lot of people don't need whips either
  • Runestone x2 - we wait on the SC exchange event to get tens of thousands
  • Soul Crystal x800 - no SC event since 2 months, so not excited about this either
  • Divinity Shard x10 - this is a super-rare drop, so expected value is neglectable
  • Skeletal Dragon Card x1 - 0.1% chance to get a 8K balens mount
So 50% chance for a drumstick, and 0.1% chance for a Dragon:
0.5 x 20 + 0.001 x 8000 = 18 balen value (if you need a divinity shard)
0.5 x 45 + 0.001 x 8000 = 30 balen value (if you stil need will shards)

The gamble factor is here again, maybe you buy 100, 200 etc boxes and win a dragon, maybe you won't. If you buy plump turkeys for 12000 balens, you get divinity shards worth 3000 balens, and will have 30% chance to get a dragon. It is definitely a bad deal, better buy the dragon for 8000 later.

If 6000 plump turkeys are sold on your server (not gonna happen on ours), then you get the chest for 29 balens instead of 39. Even then, you can spend 12000 balens to get divinty shards worth 4000 balens, and you will have 40% chance to get a dragon. Still much worse than just buying the dragon for 8000 later.

Fortunately, a nice amount of free chests are given out. So if you need divinity shards, grab the free ones, and wait for the future events, there will be much better ones.

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