sylph pack + big spender combo

Here is some triple combo running currently which worth an analysis:
big spender + wheel of prosperity + mahra/sepulcrum packs.
Of course a lot of gamble is included! 

First, lets check the value of the packs. Value is hard to determine, since we don't know the exact chances - the packs are very expensive so we don't have too much statistics. So I used the statistics for Violet boxes which were very similar.

30 x 0.68 = 20.4
40 x 0.25 = 10
100 x 0.06 = 6
300 x 0.01 = 3
600 x 0.001 = 0.6
1000 x 0.001 = 1

So thats an average amount of 41 sepulcrum / mahra per pack. So you pay 24,3 balens apiece: pretty expensive, considering that I value sepulcrum to 12 balens and mahra to 5 balens.

Now let's see if big spender and the wheel can improve this value. The Wheel gives an average value of 90 balens for every 1000 balens spent (this is based on a small statistics). Additionally, each pack has some balen value. I do not go into details here, just: flame chest 30, soul seal 10, sepu 12, mahra 5 balens. Gold, daru and gem pack represent no value.

pack value: 80 balens, wheel: 90. Total: 17% bonus

previous (170) + 180+90 = 440. Total: 22% bonus

previous (440) + 1260+270 = 1970. Total: 39% bonus

previous (1970) + 2500+450 = 4920. Total: 49% bonus

previous (4920) + 5000+900 = 10820. Total: 54% bonus

Looks like an almost okay deal. There are only 2 problems:
1.) You need to spend at least 100 USD to make it worth.
2.) There is a LOT of gamble and luck factor included.


  1. hey miklos what do you thinkk about the hade/apollo exchanges of the two which is better value wise

    1. Hades is definitely better. For mages, it is a must (for CW), but even for other classes, it is very helpful to pass sky trial 3-5+, and makes GoD's descent very easy too (I killed first 24 boss in GoD without spending a single balen!).
      On the other hand, in every situation where you would use an apollo, there is a better sylph for that role.

    2. I heard that the third sylph evolution will make apolo a lot stronger than hades. I don't know about the merit of this rumor or when it's going to be.

      The cost of exchanging for the apolo or hades is minimal. If each mahra is worth 5 balens, 100 mahra is 500 balens or $5 equivalent. The real cost is developing the sylph into a good one.

      Personally, I would just get one and leave the seal there in case I need it later. There may even be an exchange event where I can get divinity shards for it down the line.

    3. As a game designer, I would definitely do that (balance weaker cash-only sylphs in later upgrades). But as long as we don't have an info sure, we work with what we have :) Dont forget, if apollo will be stronger, in like, 6 months, by that time you will have a super-strong Hercules / Hades, so you need to spend an incredible amount of mahra and sepu to catch up (prolly ot worth it).

  2. I spun the wheel twice, got 20 mahra and 100 whips. Not sure if the info is statistically significant, but just in case.

    1. Thank you, every tiny bit of info helps!