Wartune Broom exchange

Lately, box events have improved a lot in Wartune. First, we can get a lot of boxes for free. Second, the box itself often has valuable contents. And third, there are multiple exchanges under hot events, so you can always find something highly useful to trade your boxes for.

So, what to do with the current Broom boxes?

First, let's check the contents:

  • 150k gold - I always say gold is useless, but lately we need a lot of gold. 
  • Eudaemon stuff - these are kinda useless, don't make much difference in combat (I don't even use in eudaemon in pvp, to reduce lag, and to be immune to chaos rune), and you can get a lot in ToK and in Eud arena anyway. 
  • Hoof is useless.
  • But Pure refinement crystal, now that it no longer drops in mpd, thats a good item. 
  • Cloth are not so super-rare from chests lately, so if you open a few hundred you will prolly get a set. 
  • The mount, forget that, obviously the usual 0,1% chance have been reduced a lot lately. Beast souls are always cool, but you will get only 1 per 3-4 chests.

All in all, opening chests seems looks a good last-resort plan because of the beast souls, purify crystals, cloth and small chance for mount.

Now let's see the exchanges. We have 3 options. 

1.) you can exchange 200 chest for 300 specific skill chests. -5% chance of chaos or amnesia is a cool thing, but 200 chest seems too high price for me. I don't recomment this.
2.) Eudaemon advancement exchange. You can get here artifact / halidom components, and eudaemon stuff. I don't recommend these, because you need only a limited amount, and you can get enough for free. I have already orange artifact / halidom, which I can upgrade to red when I have the gold, and I never spent balen on it. About the ud resist stuffs, as I said, you get a lot for free, it wont do much in combat, and eventually it will be capped too.
3.) Exchange for cloth or mount. Cloth and mount is usually unique, even if you can get them later, they are still costly. Also, these cloth and mount comes with a title, which gives massive boost. So if you have 800 free chests (I got those from holy forge, resist gem event etc), grab the mount. If you have less, exchange 120 for the wing, and if you still have more than 90, start opening them. You will get some useful stuff (see above), and in worst case, exchange for the missing ones in the hot events exchange.

As usual, I do not recommend spending balens on the chests. If you did all events to max, you can have a free mount. If you have less, you surely have at least 210, so you can have a free set of cloth.


  1. I have 500 broom boxes... i'm thinking to exchange to ghosts then ghosts to beast souls. This way i can get 500 beast souls. What do you think?

    1. 500 beast soul is equivalent to a +40 mount. For 800 chests, you get a +150 mount. So I think it wouldn't have been a good trade.