Balen lode - LOL?

Usually I do not post a summary of events coming to Wartune the next day - because anyone can check them by registering a character on the oceanic servers, and some other blogs do it anyway. But now, I can't leave this without a comment:
It looks familiar, right? Since there was a balen lode event already once. But something is different... something is not right... Okay, I help you:

This balen lode event was cool. Having the same now would be great for the morale. But no.

The current one is different, it gives award for recharging, not for buying the lode. So its just yet another recharge, and get bound balens too promotion. You just get +10% balens, but you have the risk of forgetting to claim reward. I don't think this is gonna make recharge anyone, unless they add the usual extra bound balens too.

And unfortunately, the flow of nerfs never stop. Today was a patch, and it brings even more nerfs, yeah! Now the sylph expedition skills duration is reduced further. If you had any hope to catch the whales on the map where you can get adv. mahra, now you lost all hope.

And if we are at tomorrow's events, there is one more: resist crystal synthesis. Only 2 problems with that. Those who lost the rewards during the previous one, still did not get their compensation, and as such, probably don't have enough material to participate in the current one. Also, I would bet the event is still bugged, so they will have more tickets and complaints :(

I keep finding more and more proof that the events are designed by ppl who have no clue of Wartune :(

Finally, a true pearl from them from tomorrow's "black friday sales" (and this is the best one by far!):
Average shop price for chest + adv.mahra + adv.sepulcrum is 69 balens, so giving 100 for 6999 is not a black friday sale for me. Especially since a 7k purchase is a very, very bad combo with the 2k coupons... I tell you, they have no clue :(

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