Tower of Kings shadow soul exploit

A player posted a complaint on R2Games Wartune forum yesterday, explaining the following:

There is an exploit which can get players an unlimited amount of shadow souls from Tower of Kings. These soul seals can be used to synth an unlimited amount of Netherwing dragons, which, since the last patch, can be sacrificed for an unlimited amount of beast souls. And as such, players who are aware of this exploit, can get ALL mounts for FREE. 

This is (was) the biggest exploit in Wartune's history so far. Most mounts you can get only for real money, and they are very expensive. I know, most of the time I spent balens, I did it to get a new mount. And now, some players could get these for free. How many knew this exploit? 10? 100? 1000s? Only the Wartune devs know.

When they added the ability to turn mounts into beast souls, I told myself, o-o, this is a dangerous thing, I smell potential exploit here. And I also congratulated to the genious solution they found to prevent exploit: you can't buy a permanent mount you already have. When I read in the last patch message that this limitation is no longer, I knew this can go wrong.

The Wartune devs acted quite fast. Servers went down today afternoon to cure this patch. So it seems, when it is IMPORTANT, R2Games CAN contact the developers, who can act fast. But then there is another question: when there is a very serious problem, which could be corrected similarly fast, but it is negative to the playing experience, why does it take months to correct it? Lord of Time ring a bell? Ancient Beast shards sold for balens and non-exchangeable since 6 months? The list goes on.

I'm really curious how the exploit worked. I'm also very, very curious what they will gonna do now. My guess would be they won't do anything, but you never know. Every game has bugs, and as such, some exploits, but this one is really large scale. And yeah, I can bang my head into the wall again, because when my mail expired, there was some 5k shadow soul in it...

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