Pumpkin Pie pack analysis

I just realized it was 9 days since I last wrote a blog entry. One main reason was, I traveled with my wife to a salsa weekend to a hotel. More than 150 people, dancing all day, for several days. I can't explain how much positive energy it gives. And then, when I came home, I heard about the terrorist attacks. and I was completely shocked. To me, this sounded like the casus belli for the 3rd World War. I know if all people on Earth would dance, things like this would never happen. 

But I guess thats no the introduction you wanted to read. Also you don't want to read about my ranting how many good friends have left Wartune lately. If I could have a Wartune-related WISH one day, it would be a chat with the game manager, to ask him, WHY? Why increase the required time to play the game with each patch (removal of DI recovery)? Why increase the lag with each patch (eudaemons added to ToK teams)? Why nerf, remove rewards with each patch? Why things which worked previously are not working anymore? I just made a TON of resist crystals - and can't claim any rewards under hot events. How they defect even things which always worked?

When we are unhappy with the negative things, always try to be happy with the positive ones. Late events award a lot of free chests. I collected 579 free pumpkin pie chests, and the question is the same as always, what to do with them?
This mount comes with title again, so it's a nice BR boost. You need 800 pumpkin chests for that. The only way to get so much is spending balens: Buy 2 x 129 chests for 3k balens (using 2x 2k coupon), claim the rewards for the 3 spender events. Thats a very good BR for your balens - that is, if you still want to spend balens and already have your main sylph's equipment enchanted to max.
If your main sylph still lacks orange equipment, I recommend going for the gift of gods instead (even blessings, if you don't even have purples). Again: only if your MAIN sylph lacks them. Getting better equipment for a secondary sylph, which you use only in CW and sylph arena (both with irrelevant rewards) does not worth expending chests.
If your main sylph has orange equipment already, and you don't want to spend balens on getting the mount, then I recommend getting the cloth set. Hope you have at least 210 pies. Exchange 120 for a wing, and then open those which are in excess to 90. If you lucky, you get some cloth from there. If not, exchange them.

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