Clothing synthesis warning

Some time ago I wrote a very detailed guide about clothing synthesis here. One of the advices I gave was about making combines without good luck charms at lower levels, since good luck charms are still rare, and even without them, your success chance was still 80-90%.

Well, not anymore. I already had a very high fail rate during last cloth synth event, but I didn't have much to combine anyway, I just thought it was bad luck. Now I had more materials - like 50 cloth and 80 fashion cores - and I could make a grand total of 2 x lvl 5 cloth! So yes, now it is without doubt, that the chance for success without good luck charm has been nerfed. Even for items of lvl 3-5. I burned the 80 fashion cores, and a lot of cloth, including 8 wings just to fail repeatedly. Since the rewards were nerfed too earlier, now cloth synth became a pointless event - you need to use 4+ times more resource than you get as reward!

Nerfing - sorry, "optimizing" - something is one thing; but doing it to chances, without informing the players and letting them suffer significant losses is an entirely different one. To be honest, this was the first time when I really considered to quit the game right on the spot. Not for the clothes cores etc lost - but for the hopelessness to fight the senseless, pointless, dumb hatred the Wartune publishers have against their own loyal customers. 

Earlier, I played another Chinese game, Business Tycoon online, and besides the sheer number of bugs, one of the ugliest aspect of that game was that they were changing chances all the time. I would say, Wartune was clean of this so far, but not anymore. Just look at mount drop rate from chest. It was 1 in 1000 for a loooong time, and it was rare enough. But since a few months, this have been tweaked, now its like, 1 in 5000? Or 1 in 10000? No one knows, because the spread is too much to get a good statistics. All I see, in the past 3 months, with like 4000 total chests opened, I haven't seen a mount. And even in world chat, I see like 3 mounts opened during an entire event. Anyway, opening chest is no longer an option, don't even consider it; just always exchange.

In the other game I play, Doomlord, gambles are rare, and the chances are public. And what I like most, they never nerf. Well, actually, they had a nerf not long ago, on the original server: but when players complained, they simply undone it, and promised to add extra reward to counterbalance it. It would be so easy here as well:

The gamble I hated in cloth synth anyway, it feels very bad to fail synth. Simply remove entirely the gamble, do not allow combines without good luck charm. But, in exchange, add back to the game the free good luck charm (wild shop, before nerf, anyone remember?), and also reduce the price for cashers significantly, and even reduce the number of luck charms required. I need like, 640 good luck charm for a level 10 wing, not to mention the previous combines? To get +1% stat? What would be reasonable price for a good luck charm? 150-300 balens certainly not, maybe 10. About the mounts from chest, instead of making it even more rare, put back the old system where you get a shard from opening each chest, and make it possible to exchange the mount for it. Also, it would be time to reduce the 39 balens price for chests, since the expected value decreased a lot with this nerf.

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