Halloween exchange

Wartune has some decent exchanges lately, and also they give out a lot of free chests. So it seems we are again in some kind of a golden age :) It's hard to decide how to use the chests. Lately, they always have a normal exchange, and some premium exchange, with extra items, like now:
Previously, they gave 120 beads for 30 chests, which was already a great deal (4 bead for 1 chest), now this is even better, 7 bead for 1 chest. If you low on influence, grab this deal, it's far the best. However, if your influence is already decent (lvl 15+) then don't do this. Wild shop and guild battle prize giving a lot of free beads, so it's just a matter of months before you maximize your influence anyway, and then beads will be a dead weight.
If you are a relatively new player with low runes, the 2000 runestones is a good deal too. For some veterans, 2000 whip is useful too, because whip is never enough - but please note that this deal is far from exceptional, they often sell the whips for 2 balen apiece.
If none of the above is an option for you, and you have a few hundred chests, I say just open them. The contents are fair (cloth shards, lvl 3 gems) and there is a good chance you can grab a full set of the new cloth. I was wondering for a while to either get whips or open chests, but I will rather open.

*** UPDATE ***
A third exchange is coming tomorrow for cemetery chests:
Very good one, if you didn't use your chests yet, I recommend saving them for this :)

There was one more thing I wanted to tell you, refering to my previous post about combat strategy. If you do everything right, you can win even vs a superior opponent. In class wars, my 1-star Medusa beat a 5-star Frigga:


  1. but that must be one heck of a weak toon if he gets loosing to a wind sylph or may be he had less resistance and obviously u had more B than him cuz u got victoy over him before he is down

    1. Yes, resists, using runes / delphic in the good rhytm, and actual stats matter a lot.