Spoiled candy analysis

Hi all, I'm back from Paris, spent a wonderful holiday there. I hope you missed my blog entries :) 

I made a quick analysis for you to see what to do with your spoiled candy:
To the left, you can see the expected value of opening it. The contents are pretty poor, no coin of ancestry, and items which many of us don't need (mount hoof, gold, maybe sepulcrum too). Please also note that from 311 candy, there was one mount, and no resist crystal, no vulcan pack. 

To the right, you can see the exchange rates. Of course not every item is similarly useful to everyone. Runestone can be still useful to relatively new players, and for them, it's the second best buy after the mount. The fashion core / luck charm trade this time is pretty poor. The mount is pretty strong, +60, but since you can upgrade it with mount hoof only to 5 levels anyway, I put it's value at 11k. The empire truncheon exchange is very poor. Last time they were selling those for 8 balens apiece, so I do not recommend this change. Same for Moon dust / rock / divinity stones. I put the price of these to 10 balens, and even that's too much, since you need 1500 in total, and unlike the first syph evolution, the 2nd one does not make your sylph any stronger. So these items give no +BR - they should be free effectively. So sadly, the only reasonable thing you can do with Joke hats is exchange them for gold.

Based on the above, here is what I recommend:
If you are a heavy spender and have the balens, just get the maniacal rocket via exchange (do not gamble!). 
Otherwise, if you are willing to gamble, and are not afraid of getting nothing, open your free spoiled candy - but do not spend balen on buying more!!
If you don't like to gamble, and still need a lot of runestones, get those.

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