A few good jokes

I really appreciate when Wartune can make me laugh. And the late recharge promotions and sales are really good jokes. Big sales and recharge promotions follow each other more and more often, several times multiple of them at once. Prolly they follow the old wisdom, you can catch more fish with multiple baits. Still, most of these promotions are so silly, so we just laugh:
Earlier, there were no recharge promotions, only once a year, plus during server merge, so these were good opportunities to get some free goodies. But now we get one or more each month, can't (or rather, don't want to) spend so much balen anyway. It seems their income is really getting lower and they try to make up for the loss by milking the few whales even more. I already told several times that Wartune prices will drop, the items will be cheaper and cheaper, so the later and less you buy, the stronger character you can build from a minimum amount of balens. It seems my propechy is becoming a reality. 

For a while, it seemed a good idea for Wartune developers to assign a different resource for every aspect of the game. You can develop many things, but each requires a different item. So heavy cashers will pay a lot for every new resource.
But now this is becoming a problem. Cashers who play since a longer time, have most things maxed, so don't need most of the items which are offered as lures in recharge promotions and big spender events. Look at the above.
1000 soul seals? C'mon, I have 13000 rotting in the vault, waiting for an SS event. 200 honor medal? I have 750k honor, the problem for the next medal is empire truncheon, not these. Lvl 7 crystals? I got already 10 completely free in resist synthesis events. 1200 sepulcrum? My sylph need mahra, not sepulcrum, thx.
Maybe these are all aimed at newer players, but I doubt they rush to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The more desperate these promotions become, the more consistently we have to refuse them, so Wartune developers finally understand that we do not need more recharge promotions and spender events. We need the lag reduced, bugs corrected, the required game time reduced, and no more nerf, and reverse the latest nerfs - like dimension chests.

And here is the biggest joke:
Are they really serious, that there will be any player in Wartune, who is willing to pay 500 USD for a lvl 9 gem? All free players on our server, who never bought a single balen, have lvl 9 and lvl 10 gems in every slot. For free. So who is the target of this sale? 

To calculate it the other way: during a 3-day gem synthesise event, you can use 9 lvl 6 gems to create 6 lvl 7 gems, which can get you 4 lvl 8 gems, where you will get 2x lvl 9 gem and 1x lvl 8 gem at the end. In other words, a lvl 9 gem worth about 4 lvl 6 gems: sold for 8 coins of ancestry currently. One coin worth about 200-300 balens - both in acquire and spending value - so this gem is actually sold at 20x of it's realistic value.

I say it again: they sell an item at
20 x of it's realistic value
And they do it all the time!


  1. How come I don't see this event on our server S520?

  2. Dropping prices will make most of the cashers very angry. You know that feeling - buy something and then you see someone else got this at halfprice. Not many people understand that spending in Wartune is a way to get things (and BR) a little ahead of the rest of the people. US West top player BR is 700k atm, I'm pretty sure I'll be there too at some point, maybe 6 months later, maybe more. Spending will just help me get BR faster. As for me, I'd surely spend 10-20$ a month if i could get something good for those 1-2k balens. I mean - make prices 10 times lower - that gonna convince me back to spending, hehehe :)

    1. It is also possible they do this just to use an old TESCO trick: they put up items super-expensive, so the next "sale" looks better :) But yes, when they drop prices by a lot it can make cashers angry, but I don't think many people bought gems for balens, it was always super-expensive and super-worthless.

  3. Wow,.. some offers we can't resist.. lmao :P
    Even Bill Gates would think this company is going bust by blowing their hats off with these offers.
    Wartune company shows that it can eat it's own weight with these deals.

  4. Could you please make an analysis about Lucky Rabbits? Thank you

    1. Okay, I try. Hard to get those, though, need 4 chest just to get one :)

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