Time is essential

I would like to dedicate today's article to my best friend in Wartune, Nono. He have a really great heart, he helps everyone, and he is more concerned with the happiness of others than of his own. I wish every people would be like him. Yesterday we talked him with about the problems of the game. Everything being bugged, laggy, crashing, and the increased time and stress the game requires. Also, the game requires more and more money just to keep up.

So today, I try to help the problem which not only Nono, but thousands of players in Wartune have. The bugs and the lags – we can't do much about it, just pray that a game which earns 24 million USD per month (yes, you heard right) is able to finally turn back caching in their game after a month, and correct memory leaks. You would think such a huge amount a money is enough motivation? But seems it isn't.

The other issue is time. They keep adding things which need more and more time. Extra content is always good – but not at this cost. Very few people want to play a game 16 hour a day. I admit that before patch 3.1, and complained about running out of goals. XP becoming meaningless, daru, gold, honor and a lot of other resources and activities became useless. Now XP is good again, gold is useful again, you can collect honor again and arena has great rewards. But this comes at a price. Your time.

I like this game, so I don't want to quit. But now is the time to make a priority list, and skip everything possible so we can continue playing without giving up the other parts of our life. I had an article already here about Optimizing game time. Based on that, and changes since, I try to make a time/priority list, depending on how much time you are willing to spend on the game each day.

You can play max. 2 hours per day (this is the bare minimum):

The first thing you need to reduce game time is VIP, and sadly, Spirit Covenant.
First, do everything which takes just a click and gives some reward: wheel of fate, guild wheel, devotion rewards, guild levy, academy blessing, claim sylph arena reward, complete quests, stamina in altar, recovery rewards, reward in Sky Trial, harvest your tree, blitz your stamina, spend gold on astral refinement, check hot events, open your boxes, enter Tree of Ancients when its summoned and energize. These took only 10 minutes in total.

Second, do the essentials which need time, but give awesome reward:
1.) Dragon Invasion. Takes 20 minutes max, this is great BR reward. You must do it even if you have minimum time.
2.) Tower of Kings (nm preferred). Takes about 10-15 minutes, this must be done too.
3.) Arena. This is tough, since it is totally bugged and laggy. Might take as much as 40-50 minutes! I still advise doing this too, if it won't fit into the time, do less, like 5-10 attempts.
4.) Kill final boss in forgotten catacombs and start a blitz – 2 minutes.
5.) Participate in one world boss at least. You can do it even afk, if you have friends, you can take turns, one day a friend does it for you and himself, the other day vica versa. This is 15 minutes.
6.) Click through bounty quests with bounty helper and your bounty scrolls (2 minutes).
7.) Jewel hunt: 5-10 minutes max.
8.) Participate in guild battle (if you dont have time, just enter and stay afk).

This is 2 hours in total, and you got 90%+ of all the BR and significant reward you can collect each day. The hard part is the first 3 activities, which require teamplay. You need a good team, a good timing, because if you have to wait long for each other then you slip out of this timeframe.

You can play max. 3 hours per day.

In addition to the above (and an explanation why these aren't essentials):
1.) Do a second world boss (afk can save you time here, as is alternating with a friend). WB is not a primary gold source anymore, DI gives a lot more gold.
2.) Do a battleground. BG is still fun, although the medals give very minimal extra, but cost a lot more. So probably for all the extra insignia you spend on them, you can buy XP books, sell them for gold, and use the gold to refine the astral slot of your goddess blessing – same, but permanent result :)
3.) Complete MPD. This is 10-15 minutes. I don't name this essential, because once you have level 80 set, what you get here is XP and dragon souls. The 4 dragon soul from nirvana is neglectable, compared to the 50 you get in Dragon Invasion and the 800-1500 needed for +1 level. And the XP, the class-advancement level advancement is really just an illusion. You don't get anything. New skills are useless (except for Mars will, which might be corrected in the future), new astral refine slot – c'mon, you don't want to grind much for that :) And in worst case, you can use retrieval to get some of the XP anyway.
4.) Run the amethyst mine. Reward is just 6 mount whip, but it takes like 4-5 minutes max.
5.) Run a tank. Enter, leave, you still get something :)
6.) Card hunt. A few minutes only.

So this is approx. an additional hour.

You can play max. 4 hours per day.

In addition to the above:
1.) Socialize with people. I'm not joking: if you can play only 3 hours a day, you have hardly time for this :( But having friends is the most important aspect of the game.
2.) Help people: one extra DI, help with one MPD.

…And you used up your 4th hour.

You can play max. 5 hours per day.
In addition to the above:
1.) Fishing. I really hate it and I'm really bad at it, and the reward is sucky :) But if you play 5 hours a day, you can do it :) Takes 5-10 minutes (for me, longer).
2.) Burn through the 10 sky trials, takes a few minutes.
3.) Do spire. Its only XP and kyanite, so low priority.
4.) Play tank a bit more seriously (enter last minutes with friends and score kills) 5 minutes.
5.) Plunder.
6.) Socialize more :)

You can play max. 6 hours per day.

In addition to the above:
1.) Do maps. Of course this apply only when you have high level resist, and use only green maps anyway. This is a low-reward, time intense event which requires multiple players. If you are really super good and super quick, it takes like 15-20 minutes!
2.) Participate in Divine Altar. It's just XP, which you don't need anyway. But if you have a lot of time to kill, do it :) 15 minutes.
3.) Hunt monsters in wilderness. If you still don't have the mount, I suppose this activity gets a higher priority, but later, not really, it's just for titles – and a nice opprtunity to help others and socialize. And if you on that, take 2 gold mines as well.
4.) Do marriage quests. (A good opportunity to socialize! While this no-brainer activity runs).

Your 6th hour used up!

You can play even more hours daily.

Well, during God's descent, you will play more than 6 hours :)
Other than that, it's pretty easy to kill the time on other days too.
1.) Attacks in duel arena. (go completely naked, it goes fast then, but still needs like 10 minutes).
2.) Energize the tree of others and take care of your farm multiple times a day. (few minutes).
3.) Help people to finish MPD. You can spend an unlimited time with this.
4.) Circuit quests. Don't even do them, even if you play 16 hours a day!
5.) Start second, third, etc. characters.

Do not stress yourself with the game. When it begins a job, it's no good. Do it only as much as you have fun. While you do the more zombie-activities, like world boss etc. watch a film, chat with friends, chat with your family.

The most important thing is, you DON'T HAVE TO DO ALL of these. You can still have fun and be top. I played league of angels, a stupid „tube-game” for a long time. By playing only 20 minutes a day, clicking rewards etc, never spending a penny. And I had a decent BR and were in top10 in my server :)  


  1. Great article Miklos! It's so easy to burn-out on this game now, prioritizing and making some selective sacrifices can certainly help to keep things fun.

    BTW: Love the blog. The content is first rate! Look forward to reading more.


    1. Thank you :) I have a lot of thoughts in my mind to write about, just need to find the time to make the article :)

  2. Couldn't agree more with D Ginese, I've been searching the whole web for someone to be real about Wartune.. bcos the Wartune forums failed.. and other blogs only keep us updated of new events. I was looking for secrets of Wartune - ways to optimize what I gain and use in the game.. then I stumbled upon your awesome blog. :D
    I'll be hanging around for awhile ^.^

    1. Thanks :) I am having more and more posts, I will soon make a summary page so people can find relevant articles quckly.

  3. On my honest opinion,
    I play 5-6 hours daily and here's a summary of my activities: (I do practically every event there is)
    *with relation to your post on "optimize gameplay"
    1. Wilds hunting (1-1.5hr) -> with a party that already knows where to divide and conquer the map
    2. Fishing (20mins); Jewel hunt (5mins) -> my favourite
    4. Circuit quest (x15 daily; 1hr) -> for the sake of soul crystals and chest rewards.. yes :P
    5. Card hunt (5mins)
    6. World Boss (x1; 20mins) -> great rewards
    7. Arena party (30mins)
    8. Battleground (x2) join only after the 5mins call (30mins total)
    9. Tank trials (x1) -> brainless q1q1 spam...(15mins)
    10. Altar Enoblement (40mins-1hr afk) -> nice music
    11. Guild battle (only on weekends.. x1)
    12. Astrals collecting (10mins)
    13. Crypts (manual 5mins and blitz)
    14. Farm (15mins)
    15. Solo and MP dungeons (40mins)

    I'd imagine this event worse when reaching lvl 50 for sylph atolls.. kill 60 sylphs for the essense -
    won't that means at least another 2.5 hrs? >.<

    Plays in US West server
    Live in Singapore (GT +8hrs)

    1. Yeah the sylph farm is a real killer. You either do it semi-afk while doing something else (very mind-numbing), or use script (but thats against the ToS) or just forget it and buy the sepulcrum for balens instead.