group buy real funny

Hey guys, new Wartune feature, group buy is real funny. They post items for 10-100 times at their realistic value, and if a lot of players buy these items, you can get a discount on it. Check this out:
Do you think 10000 balens is realistic price for 10 legend stones? and 5999?  and 2999? There is one article there which did not make me laugh: 100 war pack for 3900. If 20 people buy it, all of them get 50% discount. Problem is, I don't think many servers have 20 people who will cough up 3900 balen for 100 of those pack. And even where they would, those people already bought the number of packs they wanted.

Anyway, I'm realy sorry that they assigned programming resource to making this, instead of correcting the many bugs and lags. The feature itself would have been even ok, if they give useful items and correct prices. But this...

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