September big spender analysis

Previously, we had a 3-4 week cycle in Wartune. Each cycle, we had a chest to be collected, free tasks to get these chests, and a big spender event. Now things accelerated, there is a new event each 7-8 days. You can collect only a free chest for free, the rest you have to buy. 

In game industry, it's a well-known fact that 90% of your income is from 10% of your paying customers. Now they try to milk more the few "big spenders" with some great promotions. However, I advise you against spending this time, for 2 reason.

One reason is, if you take part in every spender event, the cost of the game will become irrealistic before you realize.

The second is, this promotion is not so great. It gives similar packs like the previous big spenders, but values have dropped a lot lately. Look at what changed:

Mount hoof. We are getting these now since more than a month. Top players now need 200 for one more star, so a hoof worth now only 10 balens.

Gems. The lvl 6-8 gems in packs seemed awesome previously. But now, with everyone having lvl 8 gems, they are not as valuable as before. A lvl 6 gem worth only 122, a lvl 7 488, a lvl 8 1464 balens.

Mahra. Mahra's main purpose is to increase max stat level for you sylph, so you can spend more sepulcrum to make it stronger. With evolution, this limit have been pushed off by  a lot. So mahra is a very expensive and ineffective way to improve your sylph. For me, a mahra worth only 5 balens max now.

Vulcan's Stove and Hammer. This item is not available in the game yet, but it will be available soon, for free. You remember the will crystal? From horns, it took an average of 800 balens to get 60. Later on, you could buy one for 3-4 balens. And now you can get tons for free each day in arena shop. The first 1-2 levels of will crystal made a lot of difference, later on it get less important, and took a lot to develop. The same happened to virtually every resource in the game. So now you buy a few stoves and hammers, get some nice BR for your balen - and in one month, everyone gets the same for free. And later on, it will cost so much to develop, that the 100 you get now means nothing, like 100 will crystal. So I would say, as long as we dont see absolutely clearly the long-term BR gain of these, DO NOT PAY balen for them. Value: 0.

The chests worth 30 balens, as I calculated here.

Value of packs:

30+20 = 50 balens  (5% bonus)

30+25+50+50+50 (prev. pack) = 205 balens (10% bonus)

60+10+200+200+205 (prev. pack) = 675 balens (13% bonus)

120+200+400+400+675 = 1795 balens (18% bonus)

244+350+700+180+700+1795 = 3969 (20% bonus)

300+976+1000+500+1000+3969 = 7745 (26% bonus)

600+1464+1500+750+1500+7745 = 13559 (27% bonus)

It is also important to examine if there is anything in the game worth buying. Some nice mounts, a good pack etc. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the game currently what you should buy.

Conclusion: do not spend. We spent enough lately. Now it's their turn to fix the lag and correct the bugs the added to the game lately. Wait for the next promotions, each will be better and better.

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