The Odin Project

Dear Players, I would like to thank all who was kind enough and donated for the Wartune Odin Kickstart Project. I got many encouraging messages, it felt very good that the blog I make since years helped people. Although there wasn't enough to cover the cost of a sylph merge, I still consider the project a successful one, because it helped me to find the spirit to continue playing.

I had 10k balens from recharges. Got a total donation of 350 USD, so I had to recharge 150 more so I can buy the Odin, which I did. I had all the materials to merge 2 orange sylphs into a Loki, then advance it further to an Odin. The adv. sepulcrum event came just at the right time, so I could immediately pump up the new sylph. I had enough adv. mahra so I could make it 3 moon, but I decided not to do it, just spent 9000 adv. sepu to make it a 2-star Odin. I wait for the next adv. sepu event so I can collect the chests there as well, and complete pumping it then.

Also, about the skills, I got 7 useless ones out of 8. So I started this cycle: forget a skill for 300 bound balens, and learn one for free, and hope for luck. Repeat every 8 hours. I was a bit afraid that the better skills are more rare, but fortunately, this is not the case. After 3 days of trying, I'm here now:

Active skills:
Delphic Endless Engulf is a must have, everyting else is optional :)
Devour Soul: this life-drain skill was one of the reasons why Hecate was the best sylph, so I was happy to have it with Odin.
Awe: The fight is decided in sylph form, so staying longer in sylph form than your opponent is cruical.
Divine Prayer: Unfortunately, Odin has only one aoe which affects all opponent, the rest is only 2-4 targets. Still good enough in most cases and decent damage.
Delphic: Apocalypse Judgment. A devastating single-target spell. This is the one I got last, but I hoped more for Delphic: Light of Inspiration, the aoe version of Devour Soul. In pvp, you don't need 3 Delphic, since you won't have enough time/awaken point to cast all. But 3 delphic is useful in Sylph expedition and in arena. So later on, I will try to get Light of Inspiration, I have yet to decide which skill I want to drop. The wise choice would be probably Apocalypse Judgment, or maybe Awe.

Passive skills: 
right now, I got lotteried the 3 damage-increasing skills:
Mass Assault: +20% damage vs all but Dark targets. (this one I got via replaces)
Master of Light: +5% damage.
Redeeming Light: +10% damage after each attack.
Logic says i should replace the later 2. Either with Power of Darkness (all damage received reduced by 10%, light by 20%) and agoran shield (damage received reduced by 20%), OR go for awaken point management: Divine Howl (chance to get 300 awaken points), Divine Wrath (Chance for opponent to lose 150). Problem with these too is that the chances are unkown. I might give these skills to my old Hecate and experiement with, my guess is the chance is either 5 or 10%. Still have to do the math which is better - being in sylph mode longer than your opponent, or taking less damage. But right now, I will stick with these skills, I want to get as far in sylph exp as possible. Too bad lag kills that event like everything, sometimes I start it and by the time I can do something some of my sylph is already dead...

Also I want to do some more experiment. I'm curious how exactly the light&dark resist works, also how is ATK calculated from MATK and PATK. I will get back to you when I have this information.

Henna event
Finally, I would like to call your attention to yet another hoax from Wartune devs, the seemingly worst resource-user event in Wartune's history (although no doubt even worse will follow), the "Adv. Tatoo" event:
This event works only with advanced tatoo, not with normal. Really the only way to get these is do a big recharge right now. But, you make better use of your money if you put it to fire, then it will at least give something useful, a bit warmth. Adv. henna is nothing just a couple of normal henna used in a row. Whenever you use henna, the actual stats increase a little. If you use, advanced, it increases more. So it's the same thing,  you just pay something for what is free. If you ever grab some adv. henna, save it. Save it until you can't improve your stats anymore with normal henna. And use adv. only then, not now!


  1. the max stats got from henna are +5000str/int -2006charisma-i say this is best option duno what other ppl think, so after u reach this max u cant use anymore even advanced henna, the stats are really nice if u multiply it with 10... 50k str/int is lovely for anyone, just will take a lot of time, gz on odin:P( noncasher here-believe only stupid ppl put money into games)

    1. about the "noncasher here-believe only stupid ppl put money into games"... this is realy a lame way of thinking, why? easy, how much u spent playing wartune? a lot, right? then instead of buying a ps4 or an exbox, whats wrong with buying balens for extra fun? If you can control your budget then its ok. For example in my case, I have been playing this game for like 3 years, the money i would have spent getting the ps3 and ps4 or the uwii, the games for each (at least 12 - 20 total), computer games, etc I end spending in wartune. I work, like many others who play wartune, I make a budget for entertainment, if most of my fun comes from this game, then obviously most of that budget will be given to wartune. If I end playing wartune the money wont have been wasted, since i still had hundreds+ hours of fun.

      Spending in a game is not stupid, overspending is. If you have fun and extra money, then its ok.

    2. "If I end playing wartune the money wont have been wasted"...really child mentality, of course the money are wasted, u can enjoy the game without paying at all, and u have even more fun this way, I play more than 3 years now and I still enjoy it and u could play more and enjoy it, still spending in games is stupid, want your buks to matter donate them to hungry children to reserche against deseases to hospitals and those wont be a waste, spending on pixels in a game I reapeat myself and sustain it its stupidity, "money for entertainment"... really go make some trips get a hooker get drunk get high that's even better than spending in a game lol, stop fooling your mind or get some teraphy im a psycologist can help u if u want

    3. sorry, but you are the inmature one if you can only express yourself like a 5 year old would (so close-minded).
      Do you donate? I would guess no. Do you not spent money eating out? why if you could eat at home way cheaper. do you go to movies? why you could stay at home and watch tv, way cheaper. Do you travel? Do you have family?? why stay alone and save all the money so you can be bury with it.
      By the way how get a hooker is better? get a girlfriend and dont pay for sex.
      Also, do you pay for the internet? do you pay for the computer you are using? you are indirectly paying for the game...

      Rest my case.

    4. Get a girlfriend and dont pay for sex? Lol. GFs require regular and generous donations of your time (and money, let's be honest), so...
      But this do not have anything in common with this post.

    5. What I think non-cashiers do not understand is that if there would not be the cashiers, there would not be any wartune, because programmers would not work for free for sure. This is why I think we all should be grateful someone (lot of people actually) is paying.

    6. Wartune is a kind of game which you have to play 4-6 hours a day if you want to be successful. This is a really massive hobby, something you are okay to spend money on. If you don't spend money at all, then 1.) you prolly spend time instead of money, which is even more valuable - so you actually spend more than cashers; and 2.) although you play this game a lot, still you prolly lose to people who play less and/or more stupid than you. My friends have a hobby too, some climb walls, some do squash, etc. they spend the same or more money as me monthly. Don't spend money on useless things, but why not spend on your hobby?
      Ofc as Bistroth say, do not overspend!

  2. i have been reading your blog since 3months but, still i think you are doing really well. i hope i could donate you but :( real life is cruel sometimes. grats about odin! you finally made it and i hope we can see your odin in action in future~

  3. Congrats about making Odin! Actually, I was a bit skeptical about all the idea, but maybe I'm just getting old and stuff.
    About henna. Max positive stats are same - +5k. But negatives differ between normal henna and advanced. Normal usually give you like -3.5k, and advanced gives you like -2k. So, advice would be this: use normal till you get +5k, and after improve negatives with advanced.

    1. u wont ever have 20k charisma so it would matter so who cares about the negative part

    2. Thanks, Andrej! I hope I can give some good info you about Odin soon.
      About henna, yes, I think the same, max it out first with normal, then use advanced at end. Ofc, there is a "little" problem. You get about 300 henna per day. It's 9000 per month, so 90 cleanse. Each time your stats improve, how much, like +5 on average? So 10 month per slot, 8 years for all 10 :) Of course anything can happen, maybe at higher stats, the gain is bigger, or henna / adv henna gets inflated, who knows..

    3. Just 8 years for henna? C'mon, this is not long at all ;). With earlier Guild boss rewards it required 45 years to max your advanced skills. This is if you do it every day and take 1st place. Well, 3 of them are completely useless, so 30 years. Upgrading boss to 10 lvl can further cut this 3 times to 10 years. Now it is just like a year (maybe less).
      The point is this: if something require more than 3 months to max it out - there sure be some kind of change. Gems, SC, fate stones, mahra, sepu, crystals - I think you can name more. We just have to wait.

    4. Yes. Actually, when they design something new, they should take an excel, and model how far players can get in a given time. But they don't bother, just make it ridiculously slow - so people cash for it - then inflate. Right now, consecutive recharge bonus, if you do it, you get like, 80 advanced henna in total? Lol :)

  4. By the way, I was able to be the 1st to beat sylph exp boss 45 on our server with Odin. Adv. mahra starts at boss 51, I wonder if I can get that far :)