Wartune patch 5.5 analysis

As usual, here is my summary of what's good and what's bad in the Wartune 5.5 patch. I had some days to try out everything so I hope I will not miss anything.

Good features

Selling eudaemons
You can sell your eudaemons. Finally! And that's the end of good features :(

Bad features

I already wrote in detail about Knighthood and Tatoo requirements in my previous post. The concept itself - giving better, improved skills, new talents and extra stats if the player reaches a specific tattoo total - could be good. But the requirements are impossible to fulfill without spending thousands of dollars, and the knighthood skills, although stronger, include some heavy nerfs, like taking away healing from mages. Not to mention new talents costing hundreds of thousands of balens. All in all, this is a bad feature.

Aside that this feature is stolen 1:1 from World of Warcraft, this could be a good feature, but it is messed up like everything. First of all, 30 attempt per day, its 15-20 minutes, mindless, boring grind, increasing game time unnecessarily. Second, the rewards have some good things, but the majority you get for your time is still daru, soul crystals, epic armor shards etc. Without the total junk rewards, and attempts you can collect up (like with great card hunt), this could be an okay feature, but as it is, it's one I don't like.

General wilderness changes
Along with the addition of archeology, the graphics and size of the wilderness maps has changed. They put a lot of effort into redrawing the graphics - but still they did not put any effort to ensure that flying mounts can fly over it, making movement incredibly clumsy over there. Also with decreasing the map size, weaker players can no longer hide from plunderers in far corners of forgotten zones. So players constantly have to buy goat for their gold, then change back when they need the money. This is such a dumb, brainless change. But at least you don't have to buy the spirit covenant anymore. You can find the bosses with one light, so no need for boss radar, and auto farm is now bugged beyond recognition, so spirit cove is a no-go.

Farm changes
I think there were some good intentions with the farm changes, but it didn't go well in the end. Energizing friends farm goes faster now - too bad no one will bother doing it anymore. Now the farm is taken into 3 separate parts. If you invite someone for bonfire, he will no longer be able to energize your tree, revive your farm and do your animals meanwhile. You can't do this either while waiting at your own farm. Also now it's much harder to find things and notice when you need to do something, you will miss revitalizing your marriage tree even more often.

Cloud city and item changes
Many things went to new places. The Henna lab icon disappeared, and went to a building - now it is much more likely that you will forgot about it. And now you can't do it while blitzing, or while waiting the others in spire or tok lobby. The same goes for great card hunt, previously I could do it while in a farm, no more. 

World Boss nerf
There is no longer gold reward for high damage in World Boss. It utterly amaze me how they can spend time to nerf something, make it worse for the players, and unable to correct a sngle number, maximum HP of World Boss which is a problem since many months. Servers killing WB in 1-2 rounds, all other source of gold removed from the game... If you don't have a few alts to plunder each day, you can't even pay for your blitzes anymore :)

Other features removed
Several other features have been removed, like maps, thieves etc. If this would have made the game loading ANY faster, I would welcome these changes. But as always, with each patch, the game is more laggier, takes more time to load. Since 5-6 months, they still did not turn on caching, every time you start the game, it download every data from their server. This is such a big problem by now, everything else fades by it, the game is unplayable now.

Sadly, each patch is making the game worse than the previous one. And while the patches just add more bugs and never fix any problems, he devs are always busy to add more nerfs. For example, check out the eudaemon diamond synthesis coming up tomorrow - it get the same insane nerf like normal gems. There is no longer unlimited component for the event, you can make each gem only once per day. Which means, this event is not doable anymore, like divine soul synthesis, it is effectively "out of order". Same for the eudaemon material events, you no longer get back 25% of what you used :(

Return Player extravaganza is running now, they try to lure back players who quit - but they can't lure them back by offering some items. Whoever has quit is not interested in those. The only way to bring back some would be by fixing the problems, and undoing nerfs - but thats not gonna happen. Right now, my advice is, do not recharge anything, regardless how good offer you see. The game has reached a point where is is unplayable. In the past year, the devs made it apparent they don't care about your opinion - then show them they wont get their salary until they change their way of thinking.


  1. I think with this patch wartune will lose more players then before, they started to nerf all the event rewards, ( they removed "unlimited" rewards on many types of events ) knighthood ( you need to be a hard casher to get new skills set, on my servere there are only 2 ppl and one claimed to have spent $300 just on adv henna) I think the devs want to turn this game to a pay to play game only, leaving only a part of the features available to the free players or casual spenders. On R2 games server they started a holy forge event and they took away the weekly mpds attempts ... what kind of logic is that? only means they want to lose more players...

    1. Honestly, I dont know what the devs are trying to do. I think even they don't have a clue. They are just fumbling around, ruining the game. Good example is they FORGOT TO TURN BACK CACHING SINCE 6 MONTHS! The game reloads EVERYTHING each time you log in, making the game unplayable.

  2. Agree with this post. wartune keep nerfing all whats good, only reason not to leave the game is the friends we have. damm r2

  3. At this pace, the next nerf will be them removing the unlimited resistance crystal event. In previous posts, you talk about the golden age and the rock age. Well we're beyond the rock age, this is the dark age of the game. It's turned very ugly. Not sure how they can go back to gaining the players trust and respect again. Our servers haven't had a guild battle in 3 weeks since they did a roll back on our servers. Nothing fixed so far. But if someone is exploiting gems or the sacred golden tree, the servers are shut down immediately for an emergency maintenance. Even the high cash players find this new money drain (AKA Knighthood) by the developers intolerable.

    1. I'm very afraid the resist crystal even will be no longer unlimited as well :( The biggest problem with these nerf is that players who had a pause for a few months - and might try to come back - never got a chance to catch up if these events got nerfed. Same for new servers.

  4. I'm just curious. Have you noticed any changes in occurrence of balen mines in dimensions? In russian wartune we got dimension patch 2 weeks ago and suddenly discovered that balen mines have very high chance of occurrence. Some people claim to have 10 (ten) pages of mines. Rose war broke out. 9999 roses are bought like 10 times a day. 999 and 99 are countless. During this 2 weeks I was able to open slots in sylph gear, clean it decently with holy water, buy bag for 6 months and still have BB 2 times required for sylph merge (if it would accept BB). Everybody is absolutely sure this is gonna be nerfed soon, but 2 weeks? I see no good point of investment anymore. Maybe devs just confused the versions?

    1. Not for us, we have almost 0% to get mines indimension... I have been doing like 10 expert dimensions and have goten 0 mines so far...

  5. I diagree with your claim that archeology is bad feature.
    Sure, it isn't awesome, but by no means I'd call it bad. Most rewards are junk, but there are more than few good ones(beast sould, bound balens) and even a few awesome (eud flames). It isn't kitten club.

    1. My problem is not with the rewards. There are useful rewards. My problem is that it's an insanely monotonic feature and takes too much time. For the same reason, I don't do atoll boss. I simply have better things to do, I play a game to have fun, not for the rewards. I still do 15 arena each day, because it's fun. I do tower of kings, because it can be still a challenge. I don't do dragon invasion, because it's boring like hell - and takes too much time, like archeology. Archeology could be a good feature, if it would take less time daily.

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    3. u replied right miklos, but we all love this blog cause the idea , AWESOME idea, is to have a (hopefully)up-to-date Items Value in Balens :) what u had been doing so far was just an awesome pieace of work.
      so i agree with saying Archeology could be a GOOD feauture. But a feauture isnt even part of the game itself...by definition.
      at least u could either say is not good nor bad cause u get GOOD rewards (compared to what is the actualvalue,actually some unique) but its tremendously BOORING.
      it doesnt take that much time, it isnt that bad to me.
      as soon as i make 1 pieace of forniture....i alays get 30exp....argh...I will tell youif its actually worth while the time u spend there.
      i mean, if u can re-use the forniture than its worth the time. if not, it s simply Boring.
      and i do agree....stupid way to give us rewards....very very very stupid feature no fun at all.

    4. Yes, you actually put 2 resources into the game: time and money, both equally valuable - actually, time is even more valuable. I do plunder each day, because it takes 1 minute, and gives 4M gold, so 4M gold / minute. I dont do DI usually, bc it gives like 12M gold, for 20 minute, so it's 600K gold / minute. WB is good, it last for 2 minute, but it gives 7M gold. Archeology, I did it for 4-5 days, 15-20 minute each day, and got from it, like, some daru and that's it. So it's very bad :) Maybe I can get something better, 100 adv sepu or 100 bound balen after 30 hour invested, still, it will be a bad thing.

    5. Archeology is very usefull , at least for new servers. I get 4-5k fangs,5-10M gold every day as well as other items that most people need in my server (S623). I dont understand why you say, it takes 15-20 minutes, we all do the digs in ten minutes maximum. I even got 2 mounts, molten dragon and dark scorpion from archeology so far (720 souls).

      This is clearly my opinion but i think it's by far the best part of the new patch, because as it turned out, selling eudeamons removed unlimited rewards...

    6. fun here is very... subjective. I also do arena dialy (untill i get to silver that is) but winning one match per two days is nowhere near my definition of fun (up, i'm just above 1kk br scrub). Whole this game works on skinner-box theory, so rewards ARE the game for the most part. Cause let's be honest, pvp isn't fun unless you're long run player or dump mountains of cash, and other features can be fun for first few times at best.

    7. can't edit, sorry for duoble post.
      Archeology delivers eud flames (well, promises a chance at delivering them) where any above green ones were cash item only, so for this alone is doesn't deserve being labeled as bad. Mby as meh, or neutral but not bad.

    8. hemm Jan....my br is very strong, actually among the strongest....BUT arena is NO FUN!
      as you said....i do that for REWARDS ONLY!!
      And its very quick, or much quicker than it used to be...plus i can solo. but no fun: 1 hit kill 99xcent of ppl. the 1xcent remaning take 2 hits.......
      THEY STILL HAVENT FIND A WAY TO PUT SAME BR PPL TOGETHER........what a fuckin shame!!!!!!! can i say fuckin?? cause if it was....it would be AWESOME. surely more time consuming...but as far as the game is....ARENA IS CRAP :( and it should be the MAIN fun for this sort of games................ :S

      btw how come it take u 20 mins to do archeology?!?!?!?!? map is small! it lags much less than previous to patch....it takes me 10mins..! and IF you get the right rewards, then it would be definitely worth it...

      I think a nice time/collection spreadsheet like old times would be most needed to figure out HOW archeology really works...cause we should put to count it gives MOUNTS (from levelling) n some spare titles too PLUS the handbook rewards which some are definitely worth it to exchange!

      i will do the handbook excel spreadsheet myself (but only that part) so if you guys want to work out the rest, i will send over the file soon :)

      do you like the idea=??

    9. My problem with archeology is that it takes nothing, just mindless clicking. The game is slow, loading is slow, some dig happens in 20-30 seconds, some take a minute running around mountains etc. acheology x 30 do the math :) but yes there are some good rewards, so you have to do it each day. If you can watch TV or play another game meanwhile, the better :)

    10. i do play earthstone meanwhile lol

    11. lol, same... maybe thats why it takes 15-20 mins for me :D

    12. LOL....it MUST be! :D

      FunkeyMonkey#2591 if u wanna add me up :) but i play via mobile, so unless u invite for a match i will be completely passive :S :S

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