Wartune combat duration

When you fight in Wartune, winning is not the only important factor: you also have to win fast. Championships, like CW, Titan War has a time limit; and in battlegrounds, you have a limited time while your double honor scroll last, you want to collect the 6k honor in one session. And, as always, time is valuable anyway: you want to get the most rewards in the shortest time.

In the early ages of Wartune, fights were fast and furious. If you didn't kill the knight before it launched it's delphic, he killed you. Then time passed, people had more HP and defense, and you remember, when Class Wars was actually called "Heal Wars", at least for the mages. The arrival of sylphs put an end to these boring, stalled fights: whoever could cast the first delphic usually won. But then came the age of heal runes, guard runes, and by now we have so much HP and defense, fight between nearly equal BR can last for 4-5 minutes. At that speed, it is impossible to get enough win in BG, and by the time your first fight would end in guild battle, the battle is usually over.

Here are some advices to make fights go faster.

1.) Something I recommended earlier already: if you are strong enough, don't bring eudaemon in 1 vs 1 battle. Eudaemon makes you suspectible to chaos rune, pinning you down for the first 3 round. A weak player you could have killed in that 3 rounds. Against a strong player, your eudaemon will not be useful anyway, since he will be dead in the first minute.

2.) Use an offensive sylph (like fire and electro), for god's sake, forget Poseidon, even if you are a knight and people say its a "great combo"! No, it's not. Poseidon's only advantage would be that less people use water resist, but this is not true. Since it's the 2nd-3rd most popular sylph, and people stack all 6 different resist anyway, it is no advantage at all. Poseidon is your key for boring, 5 minute fights where you lose horribly at the end. Even if you win - then you could have win much faster with a elenctro sylph which people underestimate lately. People who use Poseidon (or Frigga, especially in ToK!) are as much of the player community as much the developers themselves. They waste their own time too.

3.) If you see your opponent is much stronger than you, don't stall with heals, heals and heals. Make it a fast fight, and come back for a revenge with multiple dryads.

4.) In Battlegrounds, pay attention to whom do you attack. Due to the recent fumbles in Wartune, the player community has significantly decreased. You can recognize easily the players you better avoid.

5.) When you develop your character, always focus on ATK first. Whether in Holy forge or with whips in stables, prioritize attack. It is the most important stat anyway, even in pve. 


  1. My thoughts exactly!
    Our version still has this stupid 5-kills-for-honor-per-BG stuff. And double scrolls are not given on a regular basis, only as compensation. So, to get 6k, someone need to visit 5 BGs at least. And time is of the essence. So, here comes the fun part. You enter BG like in xx:06-xx:07. This usually get you to easy BG, 'cause all strong players are entering as soon as BG is announced. You try get your 5-kills ASAP, exit this BG, enter another and get another 5 kills. If you are really fast and lucky, you can get to third BG, but this is usually not possible. After that, you wait for next BG round and start it all again. When I was weaker, I used to do carting. Carts do give you dryads. And is someone attacks you (and actually, this happened quite a lot) - you answer him with all the power of dryad buff. This is less effective tactics (in a way of required time) but still possible.
    My fights usually are very predictable. Most players do not even try to think outside of the box. Here is how it goes: Both sides AOEs. This usually get troops killed. I'm standing solo, opponent with a kid. He uses stun attack. I counter that with chaos. Usually, I was not able to chaos him, 'cause he attacks first, so I got stunned for 3 rounds (my influence is really low). While I'm stunned, my opponent usually try to heal (skills and rune), put a shield - stuff like that. After the stun wears off, my opponent is about to sylph. I let him do that and chaos him right after. After that I sylph myself. If all goes right, my opponent kill his eud with sylph attacks, and while he is doing that, I kill him.
    What really freaks me out (besides constant 3-round stun) is this: usually, if I take with my first AOE more than half of opponent HP, he will try to use heal rune, or heal skill. For what purpose? Does he really think that he can win such fight? Or he is just bot in a human form, mindlessly pressing buttons? Usually, he dies two turns later (instead of one), wasting my and his own time.
    If I happen to meet a top-player, I just stay auto-attacking, and after a 3-4 turns it is all finished. I only answer with chaos if he is gonna stun me (really hate the stun). This way I got fast dryads and he got his honor fast.
    Here comes some advises.
    Beware of players w/o clothing, on a white horse and blue sylph of 1st tier. This is probably a trap - a wolf in sheep's clothing. But if you feel strong - you can try to disguise yourself like that.
    Try Ruthless astral. Actually, I'm a big fan of it. It has no effect in the long run, but can help you finish easy fight faster.

    1. Excellent post, thank you! Gives a lot of extra advice to players. Had a good laugh on wolf in sheeps' clothing :) I did that too in old times, when you named your sylph alt+255 his name did not show, and people did not see that I have an orange sylph. But thats not working anymore.
      Fortunately, we are getting plenty of double honor scrolls, but even with that, sometimes I cant get the 6k kill. Might try your method (enter, rush kill a few, leave, enter again) but on our servers there are still plenty of weaker players who keep running around even some time after the start.
      Good luck on working up your influence, it really makes difference. Even versus another maxed out influence player, stun is successful pretty often.

    2. alt+0160, four times is your friend. Still works on our version.
      As for influence - I have plenty of beads (7k+), more than I need to max it out. The only thing I'm still have it on 0 level is pure masochism. And the fact that we used to have events for consuming fate stones with good rewards, but sadly they are gone. So, I'm waiting for good opportunity to use it all.

    3. The problem wasn't the name, as I remember, but the sylph evolution. First stage had no stars, so you could fool players by erasing the name. Since the orange stars always show, people will recognize it :)
      About beads, there was no real event for it. And since it's a very limited resource, maxed out soon for all, I say there won't be any either, or just with some minimal reward. Saving up is a good strategy usually, but you have to also evaluate what do you win by using it earlier. I remember we made level 11 atk gems even when there was no reward for it - because we could beat more boss in Di for a month.

  2. any chance we can gather data BEFORE the end of the week for a nice MOunt Guide?
    since last patch we have new mounts in, they all have different prices (for instance "Crwoned Cat+title" is 2070 bs 300/150/10 , "Epheros Card" 1000bs 300/80/10, "Dragonfish" 960bs 300/80/10)
    and they also differ from one to another, even if price is the same.
    so, SOME mounts are better than others.
    Plus SOME titles are better than other....
    we need a brainstorm about mounts! :D

    1. Making a complete analysis of each mount would be a great work, however, I checked a few. The general figure is 120 beast soul per ever +10 of the mount. If the mount also grants a title, there is an extra cost. It seems the cost is not fix, but depends on how much BR the title gives. Mount strength itself has no effect on the price. So for titled mounts, you can check the price, subtract the base price (120 * +10) and see how much they charge for the title.
      Problem is, I can check only price for mounts in the shop currently. And the titled mounts show up very rarely. If you list the prices for the titled mounts, I can help to calculate.