Class Wars lessons

I usually enjoy Class Wars in Wartune, for several reasons. 1 vs 1 is still fun and challenging, and lag is not a problem there, like in 4 vs 4. This is the epic championship, the final test which makes sense to all your character development. Strategy and fast decision-making is equally important. It's the same event as the championships in Doomlord, you are doing it more for the glory than for the reward.

I already wrote about Class Wars strategy here and here. But strategy always changes with the game, you have to adapt. I was afraid of not doing well enough, because I decided not to pump up my new Odin yet, and I did not even add defensive passive skills for him because I still try to get as far in sylph expedition as far it's possible, and for that I use the suboptimal offensive passive skills. But I can't complain about the end results. In Prelims, I finished 11th, lost only to JBird, Stormy and George7, I could even win vs Darkdays who had several red merged sylphs. But my BR wasn't enough for Warlords Hall, so I fought in Warriors hall during the finals. There, I managed to rank 1st with 13 victories.

Lately, there are many debates how the winner is decided in case of time-out. Some people in this forum topic claim that healing matters, lowest BR wins etc. I'm pretty sure this is not true. Most of my opponents had lower BR, they healed like hell, and I still won. The official rule is that total damage dealt counts, and I believe it, however I don't have complete trust that the calculation is absolutely correct :) Also don't forget, damage dealt count can do weird things, if your eudaemon dies early on (or you don't even bring it), and you keep damaging your opponent's you might end up winning due to this, even if your opponent is stronger. The same is true for sylphs. If your support sylphs survive much longer than your opponent's, that can be a trouble :)

This time I used an unusual rune setup. I went with chaos+amnesia, instead of my favorite, guardian+healing rune. Chaos is a good choice since long in CW, you can disrupt your opponent for the first 3 round, and against whales, who have strong eudaemons, you can neutralize even a few of his sylph rounds. But I always thought I need either heal or guard rune to survive, or at least to reduce damage. But amnesia is as much fun, if not more. The only problem is chaos/amnesia resist from eudaemons, makes the match even more of a gamble.

Stun is also an important factor still, although most people have maxed out beads of influence. This is because you always have a chance to stun your opponent. And stun is bugged, you usually lose 2 rounds, not one. So if you can stun your opponent just before he sylphs, you have a huge advantage. 

During fights, my general strategy was this: open with chaos rune, rain of fire, delphic hell thunder, lightning, frost bolt, awaken, amnesia, aoe sylph skills to kill the opponent's support sylphs, then rage decrease for opponent. Along with my wind sylphs' rage decrease, this was pretty good. I almost never healed, the group heal from my triton was usually enough. My prediction about resist was also correct (who donated and received the hint sheet know what I'm talking about).

All in all, Class Wars is the event where I'm grateful that the majority of players don't read my blog. When people try to keep alive their wind sylph by healing it, I know there is a good chance he will be shooting his own eudaemon even during the sylph phase. Same thing when people try to chaos me when I'm in sylph mode, and my eudaemon is nowhere.

Next coming up: analysis of new patch. Stay tuned!


  1. Gratz! nice results. (how much BR you have if I may ask?) Can you do a post about your char, stats, etc.

    1. Thank you :) The BR has just changed a lot, it's 6.3M now, but if I remember correctly, it was 4.3M before. And ok, I will make a post with all my stats in a post soon!

  2. I would love to have your hint sheet, but unfortunately donating is not possible at this time due to circumstances. I do enjoy reading your blog and really look forward to your analysis on the new patch. Like all patches there seem to be some good, and some nerfs. One of the first things I've noticed, is related to the wilds. They pushed the boss radar in Spirit Cove, and now wilds are so small who needs it, and where are the mines? Still trying to figure out the new stuff, so really interested on your take. Thanks for a great blog.

    1. Hi, no worries, I will write about resists in the future. I'm glad you like my blog!