The Odin kickstart project

Dear Readers, Fellow Wartune Players,

I am updating this blog since 2 years now, published 170 articles. I created it originally because I saw people are literally wasting their balens, their money. I wanted to help, to give strategy advices to build your character more efficently, using less balens. I hope you enjoyed my articles, found many of them useful, and could save some money too.

I was a big Wartune fan for a long time, I enjoyed all its aspects, all the unique ways to advance my character. I admit, I was always a competitor, I always wanted to be first. I was proud I could keep up with the bigger spenders, and I could became first eventually, ovetaking people who spent 5-20 times more than me. Lags, bugs, even nerfs could not make me give up on Wartune. But now we got a lethal merge. We got merged with a much older cluster of servers, with some really heavyweight competitors, and catching up seems hopeless. 

I could have a chance still, if i could buy an Odin. But that seems quite out of reach. I live in Hungary, Center Europe, average income here is like 20% of what people make in the US and Western Europe. In Wartune terms, I didn't spend much, but it was already more than I could afford. Now, before Christmas, my 10 years old car broke down, and the repair cost is quite horrible. For the next 6 months, any recharge for Wartune is out of reach for me, so Odin is hopeless. 

You see, in the past 2 years, I never had paid advertisements on my site, I never asked for donation, I did all this only for hobby. But now I decided to put up a donation button, and ask, if you liked my blog, if you enjoyed my articles, please consider for a moment to help this truly weird kickstarter project. I know, this is not about saving Earth, or saving the dolphins, its just about buying a few fancy pixels for me for Christmas. Still, if it succeed, I can promise that I will continue playing, and will continue this blog. Also, I have prepared a special article, with a ton of hints and advices. These hints I can't publish on the blog, because I'm afraid then these last opportunities would disappear from the game as well. And some hints, they are just not useful anymore if everyone knows them, like what I discovered recently abount the new resist system. I'm happy to share this article with anyone who donates at least 20 USD. Also I promise, if we can get together an Odin, the top donator can choose it's name :) So here it is:

Please make sure to include the email where you want the article sent too (and allow me some time to send it). I also added a contact me button to the bottom right of this page. Thank you very much!


  1. I love your blog, apart from the obvious Doomlord propaganda of course, but is asking people for enough money to buy yourself a Wartune Xmas present not a step too far?

    "I saw people are literally wasting their balens, their money" - And still you ask them to do just that
    "could save some money too" - We did, and we'd like to continue doing that. Saving then doesn't mean spending it on you now ;)
    "catching up seems hopeless" - Even with Odin will fighting against the strongest be in vain. Fact.
    "I did all this only for hobby" - And we love you for it. Don't go slapping your fans in the face now.
    "its just about buying a few fancy pixels for me for Christmas" - If that's all it is.....

    Keep being awesome, just don't expect too much from this. And maybe people will actually donate more now, just to prove me wrong. For you I hope so :) I don't mind being proven wrong by peers, as long as they support their own decision because of how they feel, and not how I feel ;)

    1. I completely agree with you. Actually, I was thinking for weeks if I should make this request. But you have to know, I'm an addict, like most of us who are still playing. A game MUST give you something positive, at least occassionally, or you will quit it. Lately, I was in bad mood, due to friends quitting, the nerfs, and the devs not listening. But as long as I can have goals, I can find still enjoyment in the game, it gives me something positive. Since Odin was introduced, I was thinking a lot how to get it. I was doing the consecutive recharges one per month, to try to save up the money, and hope they reduce the price. But when my car broke down, I knew I can't have it. I can't reach my goal, along with the merge, this seemed the end. This was the only idea I could come up with. Maybe not the best, but I had to try. I do believe that with Odin, I have chance to compete with even the strongest. Because if you don't hope to be the best one day, then all is lost.

      I write this blog since 2 years, never asked for anything. Now I say, if you can, please help, if you can't its okay. I don't think this will make me look a worse person, but if it does for some, I don't mind :) I was just honest about my desires. I made many good friends in the game in the past years. I wish if I could have saved some by just buying some balens for them. And I would never consider that a waste. Actually, I never said buying balen is a waste - just spending it on the wrong this is :)

  2. And yes, I completely expected posts like this, but it's okay :) Also, it's prolly not just about the money. Occassionally, I get some feedback "I like your blog" but that's it, mostly. If people do help, it makes me feel that my blog is really useful and appreciated. I can't really explain the feeling, but I hope you understand it.

  3. I'm actually ok with this. I'm a fan of your blog and look forward to your articles. There are only two good Wartune websites and this is definitely one of them. In fact, you wouldn't even have to give me the Odin reason for me to donate. I would be happy to do it to reward you for all your hard work. I just donated $20. Let me know how I can access the article. Thanks!

  4. same as Cody. Im looking at your blog nearly everyday,and it helped me a lot in the past years.
    Thank you to spend your time giving us some advices to play this game. I donate 25$,and I hope you will reach your long term goal(s). Have fun. cya

    1. Thanks both of you for your kind words, I really appreciate it :)

  5. I have never read your blog and did not even know it existed until just now. I like your honesty in asking for help for yourself. The comments indicate that you been very helpful to many players out of the goodness of your heart. For these reasons (and the fact that my grandparents came here from Budapest) I am also making a donation and look forward to reading ALL past and future articles. Thank you very much for your love of the game.

    1. Thank you Eric! Comments like this give me the real motivation to continue with this blog.

  6. Dear Miklos,
    I believe your blog along with dolygames ones is the best out there.
    Your dedication and appreciation so far showed a lot, to me as well to so many others.
    Unfortunately you ve been hit by a merge...and this is the same old result any merge does.

    I am a very light spender myself, and to be completely honest I will never give you 20 euros nor dollars, but I will more than happy to chip in few coins.
    I believe your guide does A LOT of good to non-spender and thats also why I loved it.
    But you cant ask free players to top you up.....I see wartune money-strategy got into you! :D too bad! :D

    Make a donation, dont ask for anything. Just say you need few spare quid to pay for server and stuff alike. Im sure you gonna rake up more that way....

    I really do appreciate you and your hard work(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), i ve been a follower since 1 year now, but you are actually begging people to buy you an Odin. I am very sorry but I find it very lame.

    Why dont you °invest° in RES gems/crystals? I have seen people with 36k protection against 1 single element. He had NO double res gems. So i can tell you there is enough room to build up super defenses against strong players.
    But like it was pre pre pre res nerf patch (do u remeber super res defense??), I would bet if you get that sort of protection...You ll gonna cut down any damage towards you.
    Just a hint :)

    KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW since all of those new things coming in, it would be SOO awesome if you could review old posts!!

    1. Thanks for the good words, and also thanks for the honest critics!

      As I said, never asked for anything in the past 2 years. And, as you say, you follow my blog, since a year, you got many useful advices. So I gave a lot to you. Why would it be lame to ask for help once? All my life, my father helped me. When I was a kid, he helped me in with math and teached many other things. When I grew up, and moved out, I still could count on him. He could repair anything, he could drive us when needed, they even take care of the kids sometimes. He never asked for anything in exchange. Now he is old. He lost both of his legs. Now I am the one who help him, and I'm glad finally I can return some of what I got from him in my life.

      There is a big difference between asking help once and „begging”. Begging is when you ask help constantly and desperately from those whom you never helped.

      This whole thing is not about Odin… it is about giving me the faith to continue playing and making this blog.

      But anyway, you don't have to give… you don't even need to explain why you don't, when you just say my blog is cool, that feels good :)

      About resistances, I have all the gems – those you can get for free from dimension, no need to invest. I spent a lot of time collecting data and figuring out how resist works, and whats the correct strategy (it's in the hint sheet). In short, having skyhigh resist vs an element will not achieve what you wrote.

      About reviewing old posts, I agree with you, there is a lot of obsolete information there, especially the articles linked up on the post, I wish I could find the time for this, but lately I have to work just too much :(

    2. Well I'd rather give you some money if you say °I need 400 quid to fix my car to help my dad whom had a bad injury° instead of °give me money so i can keep on playing°.

      I too appreciate your sincerity.

      I believe ppl like you do make an astonishing work already ODIN or NOT ODIN.

      I understand what you say about "giving back" but maybe getting together with other ppl who do write about wartune MIGHT help your general lack of moral support.
      I know how bad it can feel....yet I am trying to give you ideas not to let your great passion to die out like that...

      are you completely sure that 35k of res to any element will NOT save you??
      I have all lv11 and i can get as high as 15k-17k.....but doubling it....might mean a lot.
      AND BTW I DID READ THAT ARTICLE you wrote......one of the ones I loved the most..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im a big res guy :D

  7. Heard you can use bound balens to get merged sylphs and skills so I hope that brings you closer to your Odin.

    1. Although I never had so much bb, that would be still a great news, because I could start saving up then. I wonder if anyone can confirm this, since originally it was made clear that bb cannot be used. Thanks for the info :)

    2. So I just saw a thread on the forum where a guy went to buy a merged sylph with bound balens and took his real balens instead. According to him, he put in a ticket and the customer service said it was an error but wouldn't give him back his balens. If you click on the "one click merge" option, the verbiage is very misleading along with the check box to "use bound balens first".

  8. Dear Miklos,
    I am a 15 yrs old student if I was you I would have shared the hint sheet with everyone. This is because anyone who can donate tothe ur blog , can recharge in game and get what they want. Its the free players like me who actually need it. I am following ur blog since a yr. I got a long way from 15k br at lvl 54 to almost 600k at lvl 75. I also made another account for just farming which lvl 36 at 35k br. I do.t cash so for me its an achievement. I love ur blog as I got this far cause of it but its us free players who actually need that hint sheet. My parents are strictly against faintest cashing or donating to something related or dedicated to gaming. I am a student so I can't do part time job and donate to u but I support ur blog. I am not against u asking for donations, but only against u making decision to share hint sheet with only donaters. They can cash in game and get what they want easily. Its free players who need the hint sheet to grow bigger and better. Don't get me wrong . U have the right to ask donations, and I really love ur blog. Keep up the good work. But I humbly request u to consider my request as it will make many players happy.
    Ur blog's biggest fan,
    Saumya Hadani

    1. Hi! I'm glad you like my blog :)
      I agree with your parents, once you start cashing it will generate an addiction which can get out of control easily. But do not forget, without buying ANY balen ever, you will always be a punchbag for others, unless you started years ago and played 6+ hour daily.
      To be honest, the hint sheet is rather useful for hardcore players, who are over 2M million BR, and want to be top of the top. For beginners / free players, here is already 170+ articles, hopefully enough info to fly you up to 2M BR. So dont worry too much about the hint sheet, I don't think it will be very useful to you at this stage.

    2. I do agree btw....
      Internet taught me NEVER to use money to buy informations/knowledge.
      Internet is very much against this.
      I would rather make a post along with a free donation button which advertises very well we are about to get "special" info.

      I would like to share with you something that happened to me: I started using a tool called wartool. Even thou the price was really really low, I had decided instead of helping, sending feedback of all forms n shape,the author to make that tool better.
      Guess what? My help was extremely welcomed, so I got that license for free.
      In the end we both had a win win situation, PLUS ALL the other people got benefits from my help too.
      Why dont you do the same thing?? You feel a lack of practical and moral support, we are very much happy to give you that!!!!

  9. Hey, I can't donate anything right now but I want to tell you that you post some interesting analysis and stuff on this blog. Hope you continue with the awesome posts and maybe if you can be a guest writer on Wartune News Feed Blog. Good Luck :).

    1. Thank you Krishna! I follow your articles, and I love them, you always have ton of useful info about future developments!

  10. you are giving us some advice to save money then u came up with amazing idea to donate you for merge for odin. Funny:)

    1. I sincerely hope the advice I gave you helped you to save some money. if you like to donate some of what you saved, it's cool :)

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  12. BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!


    600 DOLLARS FOR A PIECE OF PIXEL IS TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will never ever ever back such STUPID expense.

    That price is only for super rich people who do not care how they waste their money, or for totally stupid twats: in both cases I DO NOT SUPPORT STUPIDITY (in general)

    IF u get that amount of money AND you will pay the whole sum for the Odin, I think i will stop reading ur blog. It means u have lost the train and went off-track completely.... (think about this)

    U want an odiN? only way is to use the tree until u get lucky. Sad but true. This is "sane".



    1. Well, I agree on the part that spending 600 dollar on an Odin for a single person it unwise.

      However. If a community puts together the money, it can be okay.
      It benefits this community: the hint sheet I sent out has info which can earn you a lot more than 20 bucks. And if I will have an Odin, I can analyze strategy with and vs merged sylphs. Such articles would benefit the entire community as well. I think merged sylphs are over-mystified, its time to know the exact numbers, but can't do that without one :)

      Also, it benefits the entire server: one Odin can serve everyone in the sylph expedition.