Wartune equipment refinement

Although patch 5.0 removed all possibilities to collect refinement crystals (items no longer drop in blitz) and pure refinement crystals (items no longer drop in Eternal Forest), they also made refinement much, much, much more efficient. Now the new stats level is always same or greater than before. For example, if you have a crit 6 stat on your item, it can be refined into a lvl 6 defense, lvl 6 attack, or lvl 7 or lvl 8 something, but it will not be lower.

There are 3 things you can refine:
1.) Equipment
2.) Sylph equipment
3.) Eudaemon Equipment

You use normal refinement crystals to refine orange or lower quality equipments. When you upgrade it to mythic, the refinement levels wont reset, but afterwards, you can use only elite refinement crystals. With the new system, it is a good idea to refine your orange item to 5 level 10 stats before you upgrade it to mythic:
Because after you make it mythic, you just use need to use a few sets of elite refinement crystals for best effect. Sadly, for this you needed to save up refinement crystals, AND not upgrade your item to mythic yet. Don't forget, elite crystals are still worth to use, because red refinement gives better stats for the same level.

Sylph equipment
This is especially actual, since the golden holy water sipper hot event is running now. You get bonus to golden holy water used! Some weeks later I discovered I lost many items from my mail. If it was my mistake or a bug, I can't be sure, but I wasn't compensated. Among other stuff, I lost 9999 golden holy water. (Morale of the story: don't keep ANYTHING important in mail-inventory). Fortunately, I still had some 3000 left, so I could refine all my sylph equipment still, like this:
The sad thing is, now everyone can do this, don't need strategy in refining, you just keep clicking, and you get it maxed in no time. For max. effect you might want to use some bound balens for locking, but even that is not really necessary.

Eudaemon equipment
Eudaemon equipment is special in 2 ways: first, refinement materials cost balens (and a lot!) you can't get them for free. And you need a different one for every color quality. For pre-purple, I suggest only use the few free refinement itemy you got from chests eariler. For refining purple, you might want to spend some balens. It is still very expensive, and eudaemon is not that important; but now it's defintely more efficient to do this than before.


  1. When you refine red gear for the first time the refinement level does rest fyi

  2. The refinements don't upgrade with synthesis like in the past. U need to refine red gear to get red gear stats.

    1. Ahh! So they changed this? Previously the refinement levels carried over, you had to refine further just to get the better elite stats for the same level. Damn :(

    2. Actually, I believe, red gear was always like this. Just like sylph gear.
      You retain stats after upgrade, but to get new stats you need to refine again (and get new stats).
      Here is an example. Not to actual stats, just example.
      You get your blue sylph gear. You refine it with golden water and get +150 PATK (5 stars). You upgrade it to purple. Purple gear still have +150 PATK (5 stars) from blue state. You refine it again, stats got a reset (new set of stats) and you get +250 PATK (4 stars). Stars became lower, but actual value get higher, 'cause now your gear have purple stats. Then you upgrade it to orange. It still have +250 PATK (4 stars), but after refine you can get +350 PATK (3 stars). Same thing again - stars are lower, actual value is higher.

    3. Miklos, would you please confirm red gear refinement lvls? I have very little refinement crystals and would use if lvl carry over.

  3. Ok, I think that I was wrong. The level seems to stick. I had refined a piece prior to the patch, so I think that I confused myself.

    1. Yeah, I confirmed it meself too. Would have been a bad thing if they change it :)

  4. You still need to refine to the red gear stats though.

    1. Yes, but there is a big difference if you use your 400 free refinement crystal to make orange item to 10/10/10 and then you make it mythic and use 5-6 round of elite to change those 10s to the proper stat, or if you start from some 3/4/2 something and need to use 50 set of elites.