Wartune Bounty Targets

Bounty Targets is one of the better additions to Wartune. A good, challenging event, which does not become boring, and has good rewards.

When I first saw the 8 absolutely trivial opponents, I wondered where this will go. Then, each day, when I completed the entire table, I got a slightly more difficult, higher level one. Eventually, I had to start using skills. As it grew harded, I was afraid I reach a table where I can't beat anything, and the event becomes impossible for me. Fortunately, this was not the case. When I reached the lvl 80 boss, from that on, the table did not get stronger. Every time, I got 8 opponents, between lvl 76-85. The 83+ opponents seem totally impossible for me. The magic immune guy simple heals more in a round than the damage I deal. But the ones before him, I can beat, with a little strategy. I want to share this with you.

First of all, you have to make your eudaemons as strong as possible. Yes, this is pretty obvious, I guess. Eudaemons inherit the percentage of your BR: so the stronger you are, the stronger are your eudaemons. You also have to be aware that if you use tea, scroll, potion, making your character stronger, that will make stronger your eudaemons too. So it is a good idea to buff up before bounty targets. 

Also sylph assignment is important. Normally, you assign your strongest sylph to your character, and the second strongest PATK/MATK sylph to your eudaemon (depending if the eudaemon is PATK or MATK). Here, you should use a different strategy. Assign your strongest sylph to your main eudaemon, and assign your second strongest to yourself (preferably one which grants HP bonus). This way, your main eudaemon will be much stronger.

About the skill use. Fortunately, these are on fast CD, and reset before each fight, unlike in sylph expedition. Please note that always your weakest eudaemon will use the skill, and he will do it very fast.

Please also note it is impotant what skills do you set for your eduaemons. Your eudaemons will not use delphics, so if you put in 2 slot the delphics, he will use the other 3 skills. For archer, i recommend incendiary shot, lunatic fire, and bloodthirsty strike. For mage, suntoria, restoration and rain of fire. For knight, whirlwind, apollo shield and ultimate slasher. Scourge mage skills seem to me pretty weak, I keep my scourge mage weakest, so he is using the bounty skills.

For the bosses 78 and below, I just start for with potent hero's blessing (+100% attack), to get rid of the trash mobs before they damage my characters. Please note you can alternately activate the first 3 skills, they have very low CD, and stack up 5 times. This way, why your other 3 eudaemons are killing the trash, you can build up a nice buff for your team. For the boss himself, I start with physical or magical force to give immunity for my team for 2 rounds. Then just buff (hero's blessing, potent hero's blessings) and heal (healing praying, potent healing praying). If one of your members die, its best to use revive first, then potent healing praying for entire party immediately after.

Boss 79 (or 78?) is a problem, because the trash mobs have a nasty damage shield. Here I use potent hero's blessing, then physical shield to reduce damage, and spam heals when necessary. You have to time heals for maximum efficiency.

Boss 80, the trash is ugly too, because each have a special attack which can kill your entire party. I do the same buffs as with boss 78, and when the immunity expires, and the aoe hits my party, I use aoe heal immediately. To survive this aoe, you really need to max out HP and buff before the fight.

Boss 81, Lurker Loen, this one has a total annihilation AoE eventually, so you have to kill it quick. For this reason, do not use potent hero's blessings on the trash. But feel free to use physical force, and heals to make sure your entire party survives and makes it to the boss. It is also vital here to build up buffs, using at least the first skill repeatedly. When you arrive to the boss, use potent hero's blessing, then 2 turns later hero's blessing, and hope your team finish off the boss in time. This boss don't have big damage, so fortunately I don't even need heals, it was ok to use them up during the trash.

That's all, I hope my advices helped. The loot is very nice, truckload of lvl 3 diamonds each day, now I have lvl 7 diamonds in every slot for 3 eudaemons, thanks to unlimited events. Good luck with this!


  1. nice post but I think u missed a very important thing that complicates your life, boses are elements, 76 light, 77 water, 78 wind, 79 fire, 80 electro, don't put strongest sylp on eud put the right resistance one, ex for 78 assign medusa on eud and change res on eud to wind will get 700+ res on that boss and it wont even scratch u, I don't go over 80 cause too much waste of time rewards are good 75-80 for me and I do them on afk game takes too much time anyway

    1. I did know that resist matters (I was just to lazy to change eudaemon resist each time), but I did not know that sylph can change the eudaemons's resist. Thank you very much for pointing that out!

  2. OK, this is for a big guys. But can you recommend something for a players, who are just gonna get their eudaemons patch? I see you are lucky (like very lucky) to have all 4 daemons. The thing is, Bounty Targets seems to be an only reliable source of eudaemon shards. And after a certain table, there is no more shards in reward. So, there is an advice not to stay low and farm shards until you get all the daemons you want. What do you think about it?

    1. Yes, I admit I was lucky.But I think you can do this bounty with any team, 3 archers or even 3 knights would be just fine. Fortunately, right now there is an exchange where you can get more eudaemon shards for chests.

  3. For mobs, highest resistance is calculated.
    And boss has its own element.
    Btw, no flame as reward is the only bad.

  4. Looking for someone who has beaten lvl 85 boss. Etienne. Looks like water boss, but one shotted around round 5 with 785 water resist on main euda. Anyone beaten him?