Consequences of the unlimited resist event

In my recent article, I already mentioned that the unlimited resist event changed the balance in Wartune. People are full of level 9 resist gems, some even lvl 10 ones - and the resist reduce level is nowhere close to that.

As you know, resist gives a modifier to damage: The multiplier is
(1 + (your resist reduce - opponent's resist)/833)
As long as resist and reducers were in par, this meant a +-20% damage. But let's check what happens when I have an 1500 dark resist, and your resist reduce is 900:
(1+(900-1500)/833)= 0,28.
So you will deal only 28% of your normal damage. That's pretty tough.

We just had a Class Wars. I'm not a big casher, but it seems with determination and time I start swimming with the big fish (but only as their food). Now again I made it into top16. I did 5 dark dimensions to pump up my dark resist to 1500. Also had 1100 wind and light resist (and yes, this means I went against reason, and did even some lvl 10 resist gems, and now I can bang my head into wall, with lvl 9 resist coming tomorrow).

Out of 15 rounds, I got only 5 players who dared to use dark sylph. All big names, very far above my BR, much stronger than me: still, I could beat 4 of them. 72% damage reducting is a real killer. The other 10 players, they used all sylph except for electro: there was fire, water, wind and light too. I used wind sylph, that was my other orange PATK sylph who could use the equipment of my temporarily retired Aegis. My final result was 8:7 which I think is pretty unrealistic for my BR (and the amount of money I spent), the usual 14:2 would have been more reasonable.

But the current resist mess made the pvp game a pretty stone-scissors-paper game. Which is fun, everyone have a chance to win, and you need a heavy mind-game trying to figure out who is going to use what, and which 3 resist should you use. But I'm sure the majority of players - especially heavy spenders - wont like this. It is rumored dimension resist bonuses were reduced due to whale's pleas, and I'm sure we are getting another resist nerf soon.

Until then, enjoy it: complete sky trial, purgatory, narrenda, farm people in battleground: and dread the day when the nerf finally comes; when all the tendonitis you collected from doing dimension 3 hours each day becames meaningless.


  1. If a preview "on another website" pans out, res is about to change, but if you look at the numbers, they're so inflated that it's almost guaranteed that they overhaul how res scales. My biggest fear is that it'll end up so skewed towards the high end that anyone without the ability to stack 4/5 dimensions will be in big trouble, but here's hoping they find a fairer scheme.

    1. I'm afraid that too. Resist will increase to 5x-10x number, but the effect will be reduced larely, I bet. So all this visual boost is just to cover another nerf.

  2. I'm just hoping I can pass narrandera more easily. It's still really hard for me.

  3. Maybe they just introduce dual resistance gems at some point, so in the end everyone will have resistance for everything, with big whales having it earlier, just like with everything else.