Skeleton chest analysis

As usual, I post an entry about the current chest exchange, sorry for that. For this chest, again we have some nice options. Instead of going into complex analysis this time, I will just tell you how was I thinking, and what conclusion did I get.

Let's see what are the possible prizes:

Bony dragon, +150 mount. This is really cool. But how much does it actually worth? You can refine a +150 mount only 5 times like a +50 mount, so it's real value is only double of that of a +50 mount. Since the ancient beast shard / beast soul era, I put mount prices at 1/3 of their original sale price, so this one worth approx. 7000 balens. (But the extra title further increases the prize by at least 1k.)

Beads of influence. Another cool item, and not so easy to get. In the past events, where people were opening chests, hoping for luck, I exchanged them for beads instead. As a result, I can stun 99% of the people for 3 rounds and win fast and easily. So do not underestimate the power of influence - but be aware, eventualy all will max it, so it will become useless. I would say, if your bead level is only like 5-8, you really need more. If its 15+, you are okay, you don't need more.

Divine energy. Upgrading a purple halidom / artifact to orange can be an awesome BR boost. Not only because of the stat increase, but also because of the extra gem slot, refine stat, and option to holy forge. And you never ever will collect enough of these from eternal forest nightmare. So this is also a top exchange. However, be aware of 2 things: this item - although you need a lot - has a limited use. After you upgraded both item to orange, it will be total junk. Also, we expect eternal forest "hell" with next patch: where divine energy might be more common.

Let's see the possible action:

1.) Open your chests, and hope for the mount. Bad idea! Based on previous chest statistics, chance for mount is only 0,1%: which - in case of a 7+1k mount - adds only 8 balen to the expected value of this 39 balen chest. All the other contents are crap. Even if you are a free player who gathered only 60 chest, I recommend go for an exchange, get the beads, and don't risk. 

2.) Exchange all chests for beads of influence. This is a really good deal, if your influence is still low, and you get stunned frequently.

3.) You have a good influence, and a nice amount of free chests, like me - I collected about 450 free chests from last week's event. If you are a free player or light casher, I recommend you simply exchange your chests for divine energy. But if you are willing to spend some balens, this might be the moment - to get a kickass mount, or upgrade artifact to orange. This is what I did after a long thinking:

I used a 2k coupon from mail, to buy 129 chests for 3k balens. Then I claimed another coupon from hot events, bought 129 more, then 129 more. Finally, I used a 200 coupon to buy 31 more chests. I claimed the rewards in all 3 spender events, so I had 1030 chests, and 300 extra divine energy.

My dilemma was, orange artifact, or mount. About divine energy, I could have ended up with 1500 of those. A bit too much, I feel that more and more of these will come in free events. About the mount, if I don't spend any balens, I could have had 450 divine energy. Now, with 10k balens spent, I could have a 7k balen mount, 530 divine energy, 120 beast souls, and a title with decent extra BR. So I choose the mount.


  1. I got really lucky. I had 2 chests on second day ( i am level 36 so not many chests) Opened first to get the bony dragon mount and second to get temporary mount. My BR jumped from 22800 to 28000 ( i camp so my BR is good i guess cause i destruct people in BG)