Sylphs and resists

The unlimited resist crystal events in Wartune has changed the game drastically, as I wrote earlier. Now I will write specifically about how this affects sylph choice.

For a long time, the dark sylph as dominated the game. It was the best sylph undoubtedly due to its insane heal&damage power. But right now, even a free player can build so high dark resist, so he can beat players far above his BR if they insist on using dark sylph.

After the patch I tried using Hecate in arena only once:

After that, I realized, every player and their grandmothers are now running around with 1500+ dark resists, so it's totally pointless. So I started using my Medusa. I did not even evolve it, but it's orange. I simply removed items from my Hecate, and gave them to my Medusa. It's skills are not as good, but I can do 15 arenas quickly without the danger of another 15-minutes fight happening. My choice for Medusa was simple: I had build a pretty good equipment set for my Hecate with refinement, gems and all: focusing on PATK. My normal sylph team has an Athena and Triton, but both of them are MATK. So my Medusa with Hecate's stuff was better than my other sylphs.

In Class Wars, I was lucky enough to make top 16. I finally figured out what NO ONE was able to tell me so far: exactly when your BR is taken to count if you are in top 16 or not. It is taken right after the 15th round ends in preliminaries. So, I made top16, as 15th, and managed to rank 8th with a 8:7 score. I used Medusa as my main sylph for the above reason. My team did not even include the Hecate, it was only following my eudaemon.

I made a high dark resist, 1500+, like everyone else. I also had 1100 light resist, because I think it's the second most popular sylph, due to its AoEs, and higher BR than it's free counterparts. Also, if someone is using Loki/Odin, the combination of these resists is useful. My third resist was wind, for a simple reason. Medusa gave +200 bonus to wind resist, so it was the element I could make the highest resist aganst. I had no illusion about whales resist reduce in top16. I was thinking they have 1100+, which meant my light and wind resist is just enough so they don't get +20% damage vs me.

The final result was quite a stone-paper-scissors game. I meet every sylph, except for electro: Although high damage, Zeus only have single-target damage skills, making it useless in team fight.  Out of 16 opponents, I met 6 with dark resist. Quite big names, like +1M BR above me. I could still beat them, excelpt for JustRaven. I guess they stick to Hecate either because of laziness, or because they trusted their extra power to win still. Of the other elements, each represented itself equally, so it really didn't matter what were my other 2 resists. So here is a list of sylph's strength and weaknesses:

Hecate. Although everyone have high resist vs dark, some people still trust they are strong enough to win. This was a mistake. It can be the strongest, resist made it useless in the top fights.

Venus (evolved Athena). This is usually the 2nd or even 1st strongest sylph of many whales, because they build it for a future Odin. I think it's not that great sylph as others, and most people's second resist choice will be light. Also it's MATK, so as a mage, I would avoid this in CW.

Arise (evolved Cerberus). The favorite of many mages, because it's PATK, almost as good a damage-dealer as Zeus with an AoE, and they suppose people don't have fire resist. If you have a Hecate, you can borrow it's equipment to Arise. It's a good choice in CW. The only reason why i didn't use it, because I don't have it.

Medusa (I didn't bother evolving it). The skills are good, although not as good as of Hecate. Not many people have wind resist, and it is PATK. Still, Arise is better if you have it.

Poseidon. The Class Wars is about damage (damage dealt is the tiebreaker), not about healing. Also, this is the only sylph which can be messed up with chaos. So I don't recommend it. But some people still used it, hoping for the surprise factor and because they still don't believe that in tiebrakers, damage dealt counts :)

Zeus. The best damage sylph, not so great in CW. if you wasted your delphic on a troop, you are toast. I don't recommend it.

Also the funny thing was in CW that your escort sylphs inherited not only your HP, but your resists as well. So if you had a high dark resist, the opponent's Hecate could not even damage those.

I tried going without eudaemon (it has a lot of HP, so it can take a lot of damage, giving advantage to my opponent in tiebreaker, and also it can make me vulnerable to chaos rune), but it didn't really matter, since all 15 fights finished with someone killing the other.

One final note: this whole situation is due to resist reduce gems being behind resist gems. But this can change soon. You can buy resist reduce gems in mystery shop relatively cheap, and the resist gems are not going past level 10 soon. So expect people to build level 9 resist reduce gems eventually, and then the resist advantage will decrease. Also do not forget about dimensions: if someone is really intent on performing well on CW, he can always spend a billion gold to get a couple of extended dimensions, and have some really mad resist reduce.


  1. Thanks for the article! So I have a weird problem. What do I spend my balens on? They have some great events going on but I hate spending balens on the Eudemons that die so quickly in battle. I'm thinking mount training whips are the best buy if you can get the right shop event. Even if you're maxed out, the magic mount training is the best BR boost. Do you agree? If not, what do I spend my balens on?

    1. Don't spend balen on eudaemons. 95% of your eudaemon's BR comes from your BR. The only thing you should consider buying is the green/blue/purple flame, nothing else.
      In general, spend balen on items which you can't get for free. Mounts are the best examples, most of the balens i spent went on mounts. Whenever you think about spending balens, ask yourself 2 questions:
      How much BR I gain?
      Can I get that for free on the long term?

  2. I tried risking in mage CW- I converted my dark Resistance to Fire and light, And used Cerberus. So I had -100 Dark resistance , and 1k fire resistance.
    And it was nice, 8-7 with only 1M br.
    And I have found that your highest resistance is calculated when the opponent is not in sylph.

    1. Nice, grats :) In my category, there were still like 7 dark so dark resist was good.

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