New dimension strategy

Wartune has nerfed dimension now the third time. Usually one major nerf is enough to get rid of a lot of players in any game, but 3 nerfs to the same feature is a clear show of incompetence. So you can do only 2 things: quit like many others, or try to adapt to the changes. Right now, I'm in the second category, so I try to summarize my current strategy for dimensions, which is entirely different from previous ones.

The first question is, what dimensions to do. First, let's examine the difference between dimensions.

1.) Trials. The new dimensions has a very simplified system, 90% of the events are trials. This is a battle which costs approx. 40 energy, and you get mahra, sepulcrum, crystal shard or will crystal. Do not do basic or beginner trials, it's just a waste of energy. I do only master / expert trials, but if you are short on time, and have to spend energy asap, you can do advanced ones as well. Advanced / expert dimension have more advanced and expert trials.

2.) Chest loot. These are very rare, and contain only a limited number of items. Some are useless (bounty scrolls, dragon souls, rose hazels), some are okay (like 50 mahra), some are very good (like eternal heart or random offering). Even basic dimensions seem to have offerings, so there is not much difference here. 

3.) Hidden balen mines. Mines don't seem to be more common in advanced or extra dimensions. On the contrary, basic and int. dimensions have more event / square, and this seems to be true for mines as well.

4.) Decay rate. A fully explored basic or int. dimension decays in 3 days, an advanced in 6 days, so you get better payoff with advanced / ext dimensions.

5.) Reward. The reward is only crystals shards and will crystals, but you get a lot. Adv / Ext dimensions cost a lot more energy to explore than basic / int, but they don't give that much more crystals.

Considering the above, it would be better strategy to do only basic and intermediate dimensions - if we would have an unlimited number of dimensions open. But we get so much energy (4800 per day, plus bonus) it can be easily achieved that you have 5 fully explored advanced dimensions all the time. And it's just a matter of gold now to get enough advanced dimensions. If you got an exended, you can toy around with that and use some basic / int meanwhile.

So based on these, my strategy is this:
1. Open an advanced dimension every day.
2. Explore it fully as fast as possible, do only master / expert trials.
3. If I can't spend all energy, I don't worry to much: my free time is more valuable than a few extra crystals.

About balen mines: some people like to explore all squares in hope to find balen mines. This is a bad strategy. Mathematically, it doesn't matter if you explore 500 squares by fully exploring 2 level, or fast-exploring 10 levels. You will see the same number of unexplored squares, you have equal chance to find a mine. But the final reward will be drastically different.

PS: I updated the mytery shop table for you.


  1. In a trial, the more mobs there is, the better the rewards. Often3~5, And 4 ones gives double rewards compare to 3 ones. And 5 ones gives triple compare to 3 ones.

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  3. an advanced every day is good, if you have gold to waste in coordinates.
    currently i'm doing 3-4 intermediate each day if i have time. Better save gold for holy forge, than wasting it in coordinates.
    the better strategy is consume all the coordinates you get from boxes, maybe saving better coordinates for cw or other events.
    when i will have maxed hammers and all red equipment full enchanted, maybe i will waste more gold in coordinates.
    master and expert trials are good source of sepulcrum, avoid the others.