Chaos Wars and Anniversary clothing chest exchange

Lately I post less often, the reason is that my father is in hospital, I have less time to play. Still, I will try to give some up-to-date and useful information for you.

Chaos War
The recent hot topic is Chaos War. As expected, the Wartune developers managed to mess up even this seemingly simple event. When I heard about this event, I imagined it will work like a combination of Cross-server guildbattle party setup, and Class Wars pairing. The leader forms teams, and the event simply pairs a random team versus another from the opposing server. When a team wins, the system pairs him with a winner from the other team. No battlefield etc. and other sources of lag, flash crash and other various bugs.

But the developers have choosen a different way, sadly. When you join Chaos War, you have to invite players to party. This part is already bugged. Some players are just impossible to invite. My regular team member, I couldn't invite him once in preliminaries, and not in finals, I always got error message "he is in a dungeon". Also, players can pay 100 balen to attack immediately, so people can attack the other team's random members even before teaming up. To top it off, our party got disbanded every time after 2 battles. Such a bug won't happen accidentally, it needs some code made on purpose :)

Sometimes, when I killed all my opponents and finished the battle at full HP, I appeared dead after the battle, couldn't continue to fight. The lag is huge, flash crashed - and when I reloaded, I did not get back into the battlefield, I was in Cloud city - on a 2 minute lockout.

All in all, this is another super-crappy lagfest event, where you torture yourself through it for the reward itself. So the next dilemma is, how to spend your points:

Here is my suggestion
If you have 10k+ points, get the mount. Mount is always the first thing to grab.
If you missed to grab the free moon rocks last event, and still need them (an unlikely case) then this is the only shop which gives moon rocks for free, grab them here.
Don't take blue crystalloids - it's the only useful reward from XGB shop now. But red copper and well refined stone, this is the only shop where you can get these now. So if you have the mount; don't need moon rocks; and have a bunch of eudaemon equipment which you already upgraded to purple, prolly you should take these.
Elite refinement crystal, this is useful too (gives much better refine stats than the conventional!) after you maxed the eudaemon stuff and refined it roughly, this should be the next priority.
Advanced sepu and mahra are also great items, but there are many other sources to get these from.
All in all, this is a good shop, with many useful items. They should leave out the event, and just keep the shop permanent, and let us earn chaos points by selling useless stuff :)

Anniversary clothing chest exchange
Like previous week, now we have a very nice exchange event again. Too bad, that the current events awarded less chests, and even those have to be halved. 
At first glance, getting the super-rare gift of god seems a great grab. But don't forget - the theoretical value of these chests is 78 balens (you need to buy 2 chests to get one which you can use here), so technically, they charge 156 balens per gift. The most expensive price for this 10 balen item in Wartune's history. Buying 50 for 4000 bounds in mystery shop is even a good deal compared to this.
Blessing of god is a much better price. If you don't have purple items, this might be a good chance to get your first. But if all 6 items of your primary sylph are purple quality at least, this would be a waste of good chests.
Glint and moon - the time is over when we got too much of these from dimensions. Still, if you have good stock from the good times, then you don't need these.
10 lvl 2 divinty stones for 10 chests - this is a very good deal. Divinity stones are still very hard to get, and they give a good BR boost to your sylph. The only question is, get only div sould for your chests, or exchange for the anniversary blood thirsty armor as well.
The problem is, the armor is only A quality, and as I mentioned earlier, the cost is actually not 30 chest, but 60 per piece. It's just too expensive, you better wait and get this set later, and get the cheap divinity souls now.