August cloth event

Looks like the Wartune developers has finally understood that no one is doing cloth events, because they cost a lot more than you win. So they changed it. But they did it their usual brain-lacking way. They add bit, but they nerf meanwhile.

Changes to cloth event:
1.) Now you get event chests again (like it was always some months before). This is a positive thing.
2.) Now you get clothes again (like it was always earlier). This is a positive thing too.
3.) If you make multiple clothes of the same level (only lvl 5+) you get the cloth chests multiple times. This is positive as well.
4.) Earlier, if you made a lvl 8 cloth, you could claim the reward for lvl 5-7 as well. Not anymore. This is a very serious and nasty nerf. 

The problem is, even when you could claim all rewards, you get much less good luck charms as it was needed to make the given item. We no longer get good luck charms from wild shop, and the balen shop price is still ridiculous. So the only thing you can do is, gamble. And gamble is one of the most disgusting factor of this game, especially with such high stakes. 

Here is an example. Let's suppose you already have a level 8 wing from previous events, and want to upgrade it to level 9. Fortunately, you saved up a bunch of wings and fashion cores. So how to do this? First, upgrade lvl 1 wings to lvl 2, using 5 fashion cores each. If you don't have a LOT of wings, you have to upgrade to lvl 3 too this way, but fail rate is 75%, so you need 20 fashion core for each upgrade. For a lvl 8 wing, thats a total of 32 wings, and 800 fashion cores - or 64 wings, and 320 fashion cores. But that assumes all your combines are successful - which requires an insane, impossible amount of good luck charms. You can risk doing it without luck charm (success is still 80-90%) but thats over 30 combines, you will fail 3-6 times at least, and if its at level 7, thats a big problem.

Previously, you could do this: Make a lvl 4 wing, and reclaim some of the components. Collect cores and luck charms from mytery shop. Next time, make another lvl 4 (or right away a lvl 5) and reclaim components too. And so on, slowly, over a year or more, with a series of clothing events, you could get your lvl 9 wing. Not anymore. Yes, you get back chests and cloth now - but you get back so much less fashion core and good luck charm as before, it became quite impossible now.

So sadly, point 4 makes it worse than points 1-3 has helped. If the developers had brain, they should have reverted the cloth event to the version they had 6 or more months ago. That worked fine, nerfing it multiple times was completely unnecessary.

There is one more thing you can try, of course. Grab your level 8 wing, and try to upgrade it with 5 fashion cores. Previous tests show the chance is 1%. So this is much "cheaper" than the above method. I know a guy who upgraded all 4 pieces to level 10 from level 9, using only 30-50 attempt per piece. I gave up after failing 400 times. Same for my friend. So this is just a ridiculous gamble. And you don't know if this is still possible, you never know when they change it. I did 110 tries now, all fail. You can try this, but don't gamble all your fashion cores. If anyone have success with this, please let me know (with how many tries).

Finally, here are some fresh statistics:
using 1 cloth and fashion core:
lvl 2 to 3: 28 success, 101 fail
lvl 8 to 9: 110 fail

using 2 cloth and no luck charm:
lvl 3 to 4: 22 success, 4 fail
lvl 4 to 5: 11 success, 5 fail
lvl 5 to 6: 5 success
lvl 6 to 7: 3 success, 2 fail
lvl 7 to 8: 3 success, 1 fail
lvl 8 to 9: 1 fail (ouch)

So my suggestion about this event: Do the clothes you can, grab the rewards you can. But don't put too much effort into it. Wings give a little bonus, but the other clothes are pretty irrelevant. So do it only as long as you get more than you spend. And don't even think about buying cores and luck charms for balens. Eventually there will be an event where you can get those very cheap or for free. Until then, no reason to hurry. The best strategy is have one lvl 5, one lvl 6, one lvl 7 etc (as far as you can) cloth of each, so you can claim all rewards each event with the minimum effort (which is still a lot more than before).

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