Leave your eudaemon home

Today I would like to write about one of the late features of Wartune, eudaemon, with a new perspective. 

Eudaemon is cool, right? Insane amount of extra damage, making pve events easier, and a crapload of new stats to develop, which means a lot of new goals. Well, this could have been the developers intention. To me, eudaemon is different.

Eudaemon is the main reason of the game having so huge lag, so many events are unplayable for me now. Especially events where 4 or even 8 eudaemons are present in additions to the players, well, thats beyond the capacity of Flash player. 
Eudaemons make one of Wartune's most disgusting feature, chaos rune an even annoying feature. Now even in 1 vs 1 the game is about who has faster connenction and can launch chaos rune first.. 
A very basic bug is not corrected since the eudaemon's release: in any event where damage counts, the eudaemon damage is not counted. So in world boss, in atoll boss they just do one thing: they steal gold from players.
Eudaemon is making the gap between players with different budget even bigger. Because now if I have 2x BR than you, then my eudaemon has 2x BR as well, so now we will deal 4x more damage.

Anyway, you know my blog is not about ranting (ok, its partially about that), but its about giving advices. So here is my suggestion:

There are many situations, where it is better to leave your Eudaemon home.

1. World boss. You don't get any gold for the eudaemon damage. So all it does, make the WB die faster, and everyone get less gold. It also makes your fight slower, so you also get less gold. All you miss when you leave him is the +20-30 max rage. The gains will easily compensate you.

2. Atoll boss. 4 player and 4 eudaemon will lag your computer to hell. And will halve your gains like on WB. Unless AB is incredibly high HP and we just want to get rid of it, we leave eudaemons out.

3. Arena. 8 players and 8 eudaemons, each AOEing the other 8 targets, this is the true lagfest. On my computer, it's a slow motion. After my friend, Nono has quit, i kept trying arena for a week with full team. And it was almost as disgusting experience as playing Steel Wars. So now I kinda gave up, and do arena solo like many others. But hell I don't want anyone play the chaos game on me. I don't take eudaemon even there. Chaos me, and I will merrily chaos you back, then delphic hell thunder etc your team. Often I kill teams with 8 participants.

I'm sure there are other events too where you better leave eudaemons. In GB, XGB when I solo vs teams of 4 people, if they could chaos me for 3 rounds, it would give them too much advantage. So I often even rest eudaemon there too.

Of course, eudaemon is useful in other situations, like in pve. Sky trial, Purgatory are all easier with eudaemons, and Narrenda would be impossible without them. Dragon invasion, I'm not so sure - we tried once without them, and had the same result. The extra lag they create counter the extra damage :) But don't consider eudaemon as your default attachment. Rather, its a kind of boost, which you use in some situations...


  1. Hi, i wanna bother u with one question is Nerrandera considered event dungeon? i mean the new card system ... it is awesome feature. if it works in nerrandera too.... Can u test it one of this days , or i can help u i have 6600 magic dust wanted to know if i should spend it on the first set of cards, the ones for Nerrandera, or split them in 2 for bg and arena... Thanks.

    1. Honestly, I was so pissed off because they reset my cards (all was like 70/80, 65/80 etc) so I didn't even touch cards since the patch. But, warrior's call works in Narrena, so it is a dungeon definitely, I suppose card bonus works there too.

  2. Btw if your eud is PATK then give it a PATK sylph.
    If it's MATK, then give it MATK one.
    Sylph stat 100% adds to eud, but regardless of what kind of damage it deals.

  3. Eudaemons damage count in Atoll boss now. At least on test servers. We can reach 99% damage and get 49 stoves, with them.

    1. Okay, I will test it again, before last patch it didnt work for me.

    2. Btw, with proper resist, you are immortal for entire duration of AB. Lately, I do it AB that way, don't die once. But eudaemons die pretty early. So in fact, in AB they make little difference this way or another.

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  5. yes kid damage counts now, better have kid everywhere
    for lag problems there are some solutions.
    but it's not lag what we see with eudamons: they are slowing the fight, because they require some second to cast their skills. The time between each turn has been increased.

    PS i haven't found a way to edit my post :)