Recent Wartune events

We had a really busy week behind us, there were a lot of intense events in Wartune, and more are in the progress. I already wrote about the clothing event, let's see the others.

Unlimited resist crystal event
This one was really surprising. My first comment was, the developers did not think about the maths. Yes, I had a lot of crystals from dimensions, but if I combine them without any event, they would have given one level 8 crystal. With the conventional limited event, I could have gotten eight lvl 8 crystals. But with this unlimited event, I made 112 lvl 8 water crystals! And I'm sure most of you have similar numbers. There are some interesting consequences. 
First, now I can make lvl 9 crystals, even lvl 10 ones. I make a few sets of lvl 9, but lvl 10, I suggest precaution. You never know if this unlimited event will happen again, or the days of glory are over. If I combine these 112 into 12 lvl 10, and then a few month later, an event is added which awards lvl 9 and 10 gems, and people who were patient make lvl 12 gems, I would be pretty disappointed.
Second, there is news of the upcoming patch changing the resist system. Yes, the gems will display a bigger number - but you can bet it will mean much less resist. People now parade with a set of lvl 10 resist gems, and if it's against your sylph's element, they will be invulnerable. So there is a big lure to make those lvl 10 gems. But I recommend against that. Now everyone have multiple orange sylphs, it is easy to switch to another, and the lvl 10 gems become useless. Also, you should wait for this patch and see what happens to the resists.
But anyway, CW is tomorrow, Hades is okay for preliminaries, but for the finals, I don't recommend it :)

Advanced sepulcrum (exploit) event
Lately, more and more events are bugged. They are made hastily, without testing. First, we got a sylph enchant event, which was not counting advanced sepulcrum as before. I was angry, beause I saved up advanced sepu for this event. When I saw it was excluded, I used all. A few days later, another sylph enchant event show up - for advanced sepulcrum! In the first hours, it was bugged, and it was awarding advanced sepulcrum - for using normal sepulcrum! If I were aware of this, I would have collected 1800 advanced sepulcrum for free, but it was corrected before I could have used it. And instead, I spent my montly limit on an adv. sepulcrum sale a few weeks before, which I used without getting reward. So this was a good lesson, not spending balen on adv. sepulcrum ever again. And of course, now saving them up for the next similar event. But, you know, this is why I still like Wartune: because you can make mistakes. And if others make more, then you are still better :)

Holy forge event
This is a real badass, with Narrenda giving a truckload of holy forge components, this event is a golden mine. I used 2500 vulcan hammers and gained significant BR, and a lot of lion chests. The only problem here is gold. Earlier, I wrote an article about saving gold, it helped me really to use all these tricks. And I will have gold even for the next holy forge event too, luckily.

Anniversary lion chest exchange
Again this week, like on the previous one, they added an "anniversary exchange" for the lion chests. So now we had some really good options for this chest to exchange for. I admit I should have written an analysis on this. Problem was, I didn't even know what to choose for myself. I had about 576 chests, all from free events, so they were really generous this time. Finally, I choose to open the "remainder" chests - a total of 66. Mostly I get only gold, nothing useful as usual. I also claimed the full set of cloth and wing for 210 (because of the title), and bought some evolve material.

Cloth shard exchange event
Looks like I made another mistake here. I often said, go, exchange some chests for cloth, but don't buy the wing, it's too expensive. Now you can buy the whole sets together. I have all the sets, but none of the wings. Just for the wing, the price is too high. So if in the past, I wouldn't have bought cloth at all, now I could get the set much cheaper. Anyway, this is a good lesson for the future, either buy the whole set together with the wing, or don't buy any of the cloth. There is a big change now, though, now you get a title which gives a good BR boost. Of course, if the event designers weren't lazy, you could buy each cloth and wing separately. But don't expect them to be reasonable.
And it looks like the ancient beast shard golden road is no more. Replaced by mount shop. I wonder what's gonna happen to my ancient beast shards then?


  1. May I suggest something about gold saving. It is a common trick, but you did not mention it specifically. Livestock. You can buy a goat for 200k, and sell it for 200k in a time of a need. 9999 per slot - 1999m gold per slot. No one can touch this and you can just dump it any moment.