Eudaemon war emblem and resistance vessel

Today I try to give an overview of one specific eudaemon feature, the War Emblem.

Looks like every new Wartune aspect is more and more complicated. As if the developers want to make sure players are unable to tell the value of the required materials - and as such, will blindly pay any price. And they are succeeding partially - its more and more difficult - if not impossible - to assign a BR/balen value to all the various components. Eudaemon itself gave like 40 new items, its hard to tell how much they worth.

At first, the War Emblem panel seems puzzling. But you can understand it better if you compare it to your character's "Battle Protection panel". Its effectively the same: Each of the colored circles are "resist slots" where you can insert 3 different resist crystals. But instead of making gems and upgrading them, you use Eudaemon resist essences directly to increase your resists. Also, you can level up the War Emblem itself using warpath crystals. This does 2 things: first, it allows upening up resistance slots (as you see, you need level 5 to open up all), and it increases the BR of your Eudaemon the same way his equipment does.

Resist essences
You can get eudaemon resist essences and RES reduction essences from Tower of King chests and from Sacrifice. If you can do ToK nm, you get about 5 of each every day. I have no info of drop rates from lesser levels of ToK. Offerings are quite rare, so you wont get much from there.

The resist levels cost 10, 12, 16... resist essences each, atm I know only the resist bonus for the first 2 levels, 15 and 25. Since most players have a resist reduce of 500-800, I would say you need at least 600 resist with your eudaemon to have any use (in pvp). To reach that in 5 slots, for 3 resist, well, I can only make a very rough guess based on the current numbers... you need like 4000 resist crystals. At that time your Eudaemon might get a 10% damage reduction, that can be like 6-10K BR. The Eudaemon's BR worth somewhat less than the players BR, I would say 2 balen at most per BR. That puts eudaemon resist essences value at 4 balens.

Resist reduce essences
Resist reduce essences are more useful, since 1 point there can counter all different resists, but it seems also more costly to increase. So I put the resist reduce essence value at 16 balens (4 times more than resist essences), but both numbers are just very, very rough estimates (please note in hot events exchange that they value res reduce essence 4 times more valuable too). But I need some anchor so I can compare the value of these items and calculate chest values. Of course when we have more data, we can fine-tune these.

Warpath crystals

The third item is the eudaemon warpath crystal. As you see, each upgrade gives a nice boost to stats. Question is, what is the max. level, and how steeply the cost increase. In the above example, 150 warpatch crystals give +6800 BR to the eudaemon, which is pretty decent. But further levels will cost exponentially more and more, so I would say on average warpatch crystals will not worth more than 30 balens - prolly even less on the long term. I think it is quite possible that this stat maxes out at level 10 after a few months, and remaining warpath crystals will be useless like fate stones.

Resistance vessel

And now come the current chest, resistance vessel. Now that we have assigned some balen value to these new items, it is possible to calculate a rough estimate of expected value. I assigned zero value to pure refinement crystals: these items are used to refine Artifact and Halidom, and are dropping in great numbers in Elemental Forest. You will have more than enough for completely free to refine your equipment before you upgrade them to orange. So they worth nothing.

Even if you could buy these chests directly for 39 balens, it would be a bad deal. But you can't, you have to buy them via a gamble, which makes it an even worse deal. I sincerely hope that the developers realize soon that their matrjoska experiment failed, and stop giving us these gamble-in-gamble chests.

Fortunately, we got some of these chests for free from the love thy mount and resistance crystal events. So the question is, open them, or exchange them?

Looking at the above table, and also at the exchange under hot events, the answer is obvious: exchange all chests for warpath crystals. But actually, there is a twist. I recommend that you exchange first an armor for 30 chests, then a weapon if you are archer or knight, or a hat if you are a mage for another 30. After that, try to identify it. Although they are only class B, you will be able to make them 5-star which worth the exchange. You can exchange the remaining chests for warpath crystals.


  1. Thank you very much! I had a hard time choosing what to exchange for too.

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  3. I know this is of topic, but is a useful bug if it is not an intended feature. I do not know if this works only with battle oracle delphic as I have only 1 endaemon. I chose battle oracle as I am a glass cannon and my astral are too weak to support will destroyer and critical build. Anyway, as long as you did not activate the delphic right before you awaken, if you use a rune then activate the delphic and start a skill before the delphic starts, then you used a rune and a skill in one turn. Weirdly enough, you cannot attack before and after the delphic, but can use a rune, then attack after the delphic. What do you think of that trick?

    1. Sorry if I rambled on and on during my post.

    2. So you mean the eaudaemon's delphic? Because that can be used parallel to your actions. You can use shift / ctrl whenever you like, during your actions, and it will instruct the eudaemon to use the delphic in his next turn. Also, skills have an activation time. An average skill takes a full round; some skills, like delphic and blessing of light takes a bit more time; and some skills, like the runes and awakening require only a half round. So you can do awakening and rune in the same turn, this is normal.

  4. Ok. I didn't know and wanted to help.