Wartune scam warning

You remember the Wartune beast shard exchange not so long ago? You could get mounts you missed for a decent price by collecting beast shards in Golden Road. Now they are running a cloth shard exchange, so I quickly checked the cloth packs they offered this time. I have seen that right the first set I was missing, so I started running around in Golden Road. The first thing I noticed was that there were only 1 and 2 shards, no 3 or 4. Also, there were more "junk" squares. So I had to spend 1500 balens to collect the 40 cloth shards necessary for the Nocturnal box. But I said its still a good price for a set of cloth (normally sold for 900 balens) plus a wing.

I buy the chest - and then I saw the text more closely:
Open to obtain ONE OF the following

So far, every cloth box contained a set:

"Open to obtain the following" and "Open to obtain one of the following" is a little difference. And to be honest, I did not even think it could be a gamble chest - containing a 300 balen cloth for 1500. So yes, I ate this. But I post it so Wartune can't scam others like it did me.

Another disappointment came from today's clothing event. When I do combines for wings, I do not use good luck charm from lvl 2 to 3 and from 3 to 4: since the success chance is still over 80% in these cases (based on 100+ cloth synth from past 6 months). I had about 16 level 1 wings, and one lvl 4, so I was pretty sure I can make a lvl 6 wing using these materials. First, I pumped up the 16 lvl wing to lvl 2 using fashion cores, then stared combining. After the first fails, I though I had bad luck. But when I saw I had 8 fails from 10 - while the success chance is supposed to be 80% - I know this can't be just luck. They changed the chances again, without notice. There is always a chance that I was super-unlucky, but I doubt that.

And I got the third disappointment too. During the past week, I got a lot of free double virtue chests. So I tried to exchange some for empire truncheons after getting a mount. There is a new stupid limit of max 10 exchange per day. Too bad, this counter did not reset during midnight. So I couldn't do any more exchange during the event. I submit a ticker, which was answered by R2 genius GM R2_Austin, 6 days after I sent in the ticket (and long after the event ended). His reply was: clear cache and cookies. In the past, when my tickets run into R2_Austin, I got similarly helpful, intelligent replies reflecting the GM's deep knowledge of the game. Prolly now you are asking the same as me: why the hell this guy was not fired yet? They do have some good GMs too.

I never saw a company which has worked so hard to get rid of his own customers. Just a half month ago, our server was totally crowded, and now its almost empty. I know that Chinese have a different ethic from us, Europeans. They considering cheating the customer honorable, since they "do it for the family". And short term profit is above all, get rich today, don't care about what happens tomorrow, if no one will ever play a Chinese game, if the enviroment gets ruined etc, they don't care. Just be rich today. 

But, like every human being, why they don't try to learn from their mistakes? Why they don't try to build trust? The other game I'm playing, Doomlord, is run by a small Hungarian company. They make games since 20 years. Players play their games for years, and when they make a new game, these players will try their new game too, because they trust the company. Because they don't cheat the customers, they communicate with players, they try to develop their games by listening to the players. Wartune could be a really good game. It's like nuclear power, a great invention of the human race. But in the wrong hands, it can do terrible damage. Such a good game, and it is used to scam players. Good profit on the short term, abandoned servers on the long...

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  1. Wartune has changed the fair success rate about 2~3 months ago,so better use charms.