Class Wars

I like Wartune's Class Wars, its really exciting, a test of all what you achieved. This is the equivalent of the Championship in Doomlord. Class Wars brough a pleasant, unannounced surprise: they made more categories. So far, there was a separate CW for east, west, europe and oceanic. Now it got split further. I'm not sure how it worked, but there were at least 2 sepearate Class Wars now on the European servers (if not more). 

This meant more people could get into the final. Previously, you needed 11 wins to make to the final, now 10 was enough. And yeah, BR requirement for making to Warlords Hall as less as well, so...
Yeah, I made it to Warlords Hall! The only non-vip there :) 

The past months brought many opportunities to increase BR for cash - huge advanced sepu and mahra sales, and the introduction of eudameons. I skipped these opportunity to spend balen, just grabbed the cheap mounts - but I did not even spend my mount hoofs on them, so I didn't really expect this. I'm very happy now, fighting with the big players in finals :) 

And if its already Class Wars, some words on strategy. CW strategy changes drastically almost every month. Lately, troops were replaced by sylphs, then eudaemon was added: those all changed CW strat. And now, the introduction of dual gems made ATK values soar, surviving is not really an option anymore unless you are a whale with astronomical DEF values.

So far, I always went with guard and heal rune, but now I tried chaos and guard. Chaos can really mess up the first 3 rounds due to eudaemon, and if somehow the fight is still going on after the first awaken phase, it can counter the opponents heal spell as well. Amnesia can be powerful too, since on CW, there is no HS, so amnesia can be more effective than in general pvp.

In CW (and in pvp general) its always important to time your awaken well. The best bet is to awaken at the same time as your opponent do. If you awaken too early, then you will revert much earlier than him and he can destroy you while in sylph from. Same if you don't awaken, and try to outheal. I think this outheal strategy no longer works since the dual gem ATK boosts.

Also do not forget, that during CW, if you happen to have a draw, most damage dealt is the tiebreaker. Keep this always in mind when choosing skills.

Don't forget resist. For a mage, dark resist is obviously the most important. Hercules is also still popular, and thirdly, I choose fire resist. I need fire and electro resist for elemental forest anyway, so I even have dimensions for these 3 resists.

Also here is stun. You prolly remember how much crying was about stun. People hated that they stood there helplessly for rounds. But eventually, this problem solved itself: they nerfed holy seal, and everybody reached HS 99 anyway. And now, stun is back, nastier as ever. You just need to cough up a few thousand of USD, buy a large amount of beads of influence, and you can stun people for 3 rounds right before sylph. This is a show of how poor is the game designer lately. Not only he piss off everyone by rendering fate stones useless (which are still given out as rewards EVERYWHERE in the game), but he demands beads instead, which is a very expensive cash-only item now. So influence is a guarantee for whales that they can win: regardless of resists, mistakes, timing delphic and guard runes (unless his opponent cashed into influence as well).

Luck is still important (with chaos and amnesia runes, deflections, criticals), but timing is important as well. If you know your opponent is going to delphic, you can usually have time to use guard rune - unless you are casting a delphic too.

If you made it into the finals, good luck to you!

*** UPDATE ***
Finished 14th, which is not so great, because I could beat only 2 people. The fun part is, I realized after the CW finals that my medal was expired :) So guys, always check everything before going into battle! Medal, buff, astrals, resistance crystals...


  1. Why is Hades the best sylph for Class Wars? Thank you

    1. Hades is the best sylph in general, because it can heal you while dealing damage. It is especially good in mage CW since it has PATK and mages PDEF is generally weaker.

  2. Way to go Fair, good luck on CW tommorow.
    Break a Leg there.


  3. What items you recommend from CW Glory Shop? Thank you !

  4. pls advice what to get from glory shop (got over 4300 crystals), got all the mounts too.
    - get advanced mahra/sepul even if i am FAR FAR away from 2nd evolve? not gonna cash here
    - get ingredients for red gear? same, FAR away from it
    - or just get whips (got tons of training to do)

    1. Sorry for my late reply.

      Mounts are always first priority when spending glory crystals.

      besides that, there are 3 reasonable choices: advances sepu, mount training whips and ingredients for mythical equipment.

      If you are a relatively new character, and 2nd evolve and orange equipment is very, very far, prolly the whips are an okay choice. They are still difficult to max out.

      But if you already did class advancement, I recommend advanced sepulcrum instead. for the 2nd sylph evolve, 2 components can be gotten for free from Purgatory Maze, and you can get the third from "shop of turmoil" which will be added soon to the game (I think it is the reward shop for cross-server GB). And you will need a LOT of adv sepu to max your sylph, so start saving up now. Having a strong sylph is very important - pvp battles are decided in the sylph phase, and you also need strong sylph for expedition as well.

      About mythical equipment: If I would upgrade my orange weapon to red, I would gain like 500 ATK. But I would lose all the refinement. And refinement needs special crystals, sold in CW shop too. Also it is advised to max out holy forge before upgrading to mythic equipment. And that will happen only when R2 decides to inflate vulcan hammers. Thirdly, we expect a new 8-person mpd with a future patch, which awards mythic equipment components for free. Wait for this patch, see what components you get free, and buy in cw the one which is the most rare.

      So I definitely do not recommend mythic stuff to non-whale players.