Sylph expedition

In general, I like Wartune's new addition, Sylph expedition. It's a new challenge, gives new goals, requires thinking and strategy. Also I like the feature of borrowing a friend's sylph: it strenghtens the community, and creates some kind of socialization. But, sylph expedition could be even better.

Blitz: Thanks god this event can be blitzed! However, you can blitz only to (max level you reached minus 10). And as such, this makes sylph expedition a 30+ minutes activity each day. If I were 7roads, I would have done blitz differently: if you complete a level without using ANY skill, or you win it at least 20 times - then you can blitz to there.

Rewards: The rewards are not very motivating. On screenshots, I have seen that the Chinese version gives advanced sepulcrum, mahra and other useful goodies. Here, you got blessing of god only on first completition. At least a few blessing of god and gift of god should drop each day. Sylph equipment shard and sylph xp scroll, who needs that? (The divinity soul shards I got only for being first, its not general loot). A Cloud adventure gives 10 times better reward.

Skills: The skills system looks good at first glance. A lot of skills to use, they can make the difference between victory and loss. However, the way you develop these skills is not good. First of all, as you see, I got a grand total of 8 shards while I got to stage 29. At this rate, maxing skills will take about 100 years (ok, no doubt, some cashing event will award more). But the bigger problem is the way skills advance. When you upgrade a skill, you upgrade its power (by a tiny amount), not it's cooldown. The upgrade should go for the cooldown (or duration), for all skills, not only the last 4 wich has such a long CD anyway you can't use them twice.

Strategy advices
Here follows some strategy advices. If you know more, please, post them as comments.

  • When you choose a friend's sylph, you can choose from currently equipped sylph. If you need a triton, for example, which your friend does not have equipped, ask him to equip first. After that, you will be able to select it as well.
  • I prefer to play 2 tritons, because most late bosses deal a large amount of damage, including AoEs, so need a lot of healing. I have a 150k Hades, which can be one-hitted by boss 26 without ice shield. Also Triton's ability to stun the boss is invaluable. 
  • Boss 20 is immunte to PATK, so plan accordingly.
  • When you use a skill, actually, one of your sylphs will use it instead of its normal skill. So be careful, if your triton who is using the skills is about to heal, wait for it to be finished before activating the skill.
  • The spare sylphs are kinda useless, unless you are a whale with 4-6 fully developed orange sylphs. By the time a sylph from your main team dies, your spare sylphs will die in the first round too.
  • The famous Wartune lag can be actually your friend. If a fight lasts longer due to lag, you might win some seconds on the cooldown timer :) Btw, I was thinking a lot how can I reduce cooldowns by sacrificing my spare sylphs, but couldn't come up with anything.
  • You can win 12 rounds vs a boss which is dealing too much damage. Use stun, divine guardian, then reset the skills with the last skill and use those again. For me the first boss where I need skills is stage 26, it's really hard.


  1. SYLPH EXPEDITION is a bunch of R2 crap...

    You can only be a casher and get above lvl 30, the crappy developers of wartune cant make any part of the game that everyone can get through and get good rewards for doing it..

    Tired of the cashers always getting everything...

    1. In China, syph exp gives useful rewards, adv mahra, adv sepulcrum etc, not sylph xp scrolls... the big difference is, there they understand making the happy will get them more profit. Here, prof.road considers the players enemies it seems :(