Pink Bunny Chest analysis and Mount Exchange

Actually, I would like to touch multiple Wartune topics in this article, not only this weird-named gamble-chest.

Ultimate Dragon Chest
First of all, I would like to apologize for not giving an analysis on the previous chest, Ultimate Dragon hest. The reason was simple, there was little to analyse there. The contents were total crap - blood of zeus (both a limited use item, and available for free); ice cores and soul cores (also completely worthless, since you will max those out long before you have enough divine energy to upgrade your item); green flames  (very limited use item). Also it was supposed to have divine energy (but it was rare), and a cool dragon mount, Artrhos. And the hot event exchange also had nothing useful besides the mount. So I collected approx 150 free chests from events, then bought 150 more and exchanged for the dragon.

Pink Bunny Chest
The current Pink Bunny Chests seems to be the exact copy of the previous month's resistance vessel. You can find analysis of that in my previous article. Obviously, you shouldn't spend balen on buying these chests - especially because you have only 50% chance of getting it, and 50% to get the absolute crap Dragon Chest. Probably the cloth won't be bugged this time, still, most of us are cloth fans, so buy armor and either weapon or hat depending on class. Fortunately, plenty of free chests are given out, so we can get the 2 cloth and some warpath crystals. The wing is too expensive, as usual. I wonder when will the developers realize that wings should cost the same as the other cloth.

Late Development Blunders
Lately I feel that the Wartune event designers and testers are not as good at their job as before. We encounter more and more mistakes during events. You remember the problem with the level 7 divnity soul synthesise, the zero cost cloth refines, temporal incubus dragon card showing up for 400 beast shards in mount exchange, no gift/blessing of god in big spender packs during sylph equipment enchant events... And now the eudaemon gem chests sold at 1/10 of intended price... Although imho a price was right the first time in Wartune's history, and every other price is wrong (ie. 10-20 times more than realistic value). 

But this is probably due to the stress they got, more and more problems, stricter deadlines, maybe less personnel. I don't mind if they make mistakes - if they can correct it. And I must admit, my other favorite game, Doomlord is much better at that. But, in their defense, they keep adding good things too. The matrjoska chests, or the mount hoof events rewarding only mount hoof is not among those, but the Mount Exchange is a good one.

Mount Exchange
For a long time, I kept saying mounts are the best thing to spend balens on in the game. Many other resources (sepulcrum, mahra, fate stones, soul crystals, whips etc etc) are now maxed out for top or not-so-top players, rotting in their inventory by tens of thousands - and they can bang their head into the wall for spending balen on these in the early days. But mounts, it is very rare that you can get an earlier cash mount for free. They are nice to collect and give good boost. Unfortunately, if you missed a mount, it was very difficult to get it later. But not anymore. Via mount exchange, you can get many mounts you missed early.

And the good part is that there is a nice discount on them. You can get beast shards in Golden Road. Previously, it was a "dont-even-touch" hoax, but now its much better. On almost every square, you get a random amount of beast shards (between 1-5, but there is one square with 50). On the ? marks, you get mount whips from mystery chests, and the skulls squares, well, those are really "you won nothing" squares because they give sack of gold only.

The catch is, you can get an average 2-3 beast shard per move (50 balens). Mounts cost 40 shard per +10, which is 800 balen per +10: much better than the usual 2000 balen price. I spent 1600 balens, and got 100 beast shards and 320 mount whips. I had 20 shards from earlier, so I could get an incubus.
Of course still do it only if you can also claim several big spender bonus packs as well. The coupons are really good, if you spend 5k balens you get coupons worth 4.5k back (but you have to be smart with those).


  1. You have different dragons scale exchanges.

  2. I tried Golden Road, my average is 1.6 shards per roll. :(

    1. For me, it was 3.3 :( Luck is a big factor here, it seems. How many moves did you make?

    2. I spent $20. Saw that it was bad then stopped. I never got 50 shards and landed a bunch of times in the skull.

    3. Ok, I made the precise math for you. If you use a normal roll each time, the average beast shard per move will be 3.12. If you find the 2 best squares with 10 and 50 shards, and use doubler when you are 1-6 away from these, the average beast shard per move will increase to 5.35. Also, when you got the magic dice (after 5k balens spent) you can choose the roll. So you will get 100 beast shards (50 shard x 2) with 100% chance. You were either unlucky or there are better or worse boards. I made now a test without the doubler trick first to explore the map and note down values. Spent 3650 balens and got 164 shards (22 balen /shard), then I did a third test, with the doubler trick, and also used a magic dice. Spent 5550 balens and got 607 shards (9 balen / shard). So I could buy mounts for 9k which normally sells for 34k.. And yeah now I passed my limit for May :( But buying mounts at 1/4 price when I'm a mount fan was a too good opportunity.