Latest Wartune event changes - and how to adapt to them

The surprise element is one of Wartune's most annoying part - but it's also a prime element of the addiction. You never know whats gonna happen the next week or next month. To be successful in the game, you either need to spend a truckload of cash, or be able to prepare and adapt for the coming changes. Today's article is about adapting, preparing, and some analysis of the current events.

The Wartune events sometimes give you „gold” - and sometimes they give only „rocks” (and I mean by „gold” here something valuable, not the game's basic commodity). You have to be patient to wait for the „gold”, and don't trade your resources for „rocks”. Wartune has different periods of event and reward systems. Probably because the developers experiment with us too see how they can achieve the highest income. I remember that for a long time, there were events which rewarded event chests, full of goodies and some rare items. There were „use your resources events”, like love thy mount, engrave your soul etc. which also rewarded these event chests. So you could get the rare loots for free if you had enough resources saved up. Later on, the pattern has changed. They no longer awarded event chest in resource spending events. So the only way to get the rare item was either be lucky, or buy extra chests. So rock era followed the golden era.

Then another golden era came. Although in different events, but you could get a lot of event chests again. Cloth synthesis, gem events, mount hoof event gave more than enough event chests. Coins of ancestry boosted the chests value, giving an additional gaming element where you either spent your coins or waited for a better event.

Right now, we are in a „rock era” again. And this is far the darkest in Wartune's history. Not only the coin of ancestry disappeared from chests, the rare mounts are no longer in the chests, and are replaced with items which are junk. The common loot from chest is mostly useless as well. Events no longer award free chests, you get „signets” instead which can be traded only for mount whips.
And although you can still get previous chests, you can't exchange them - eudaemon vessel and holy vessel still available, but the exchange itself is not. So by the time you realize the holy vessel's contents are junk only, you have no other choice but to open them anyway.

I do not want to go into detail how bad is this for Wartune itself - people don't spend, and many players quit. Rather, I want to focus on those who continue playing with me, and hope for a gold era which is sure to come eventually.

You have to understand the difference between short term and long term goals. On short term, if you spend balens / resources to increase your BR with suboptimal conditions, you will be higher ranked on the top list, and you will have a slightly higher chance to win in Battlegrounds. But this means little on the long term. On the other hand, if you optimize your resource use, you will gain much more BR on the long run, and eventually will be able to beat those who went for the short term goals.

So what does this mean in practice?
1.) Do not buy the current matrjoska chests. The expected value is horribly low, due to the eudaemon system most contents are either junk, or will become obsolete soon.
2.) Do not jump into suboptimal resource-events even when it means +BR for you. A mount hoof event which rewards only mount hoof? A clothing synthesis events where you spend 100 good luck charm and the reward is 60 good luck charm and a few mount whip?
3.) Do not rush to buy new items at astronomical prices. Advanced sepulcrum or mahra for 25 balens? These items worth exactly the same as normal sepulcrum or mahra. (10 for sepulcrum, 5 for mahra). Buy them only when you get with spender events enough additional value.

4.) Do not rush to spend balens to claim goodies from big spender, unless the bonus packs are of REAL VALUE. I did not make a detailed spender analyis event lately, because there are so many spender events - and each last only a few days. Some of these offer components for the 2 new items. But you need only a limited amount of these, so you will get them for free in some weeks or months - and as such, they have no balen value. There are more and more resources in the game which are either maxed out for many players, or will be maxed out very soon. Or you simply don't need more: why would I need more glint of magic when I can't get blessing/gift of god? Same for golden holy water. And since the new chests contain mostly junks, they are of no value in spender packs either. So be very careful when drooling at a triple big spender: chances are good you get only junk.

The items which represent value to veteran players are advanced sepulcrum and mahra, vulcan hammer, empire truncheon, blessing / gift of god, high level divinty souls, and components needed to enchant / refine / upgrade purple or orange eudaemon equipment.

Now check chest contents and big spender packs. You don't see much of these. You see gold, daru, mount hoof, eudaemon signets and other countless junk. And the above stuff is all balen only, sold at 5-25x of realistic value.

So there is only thing you can do: wait patiently for the next gold age. And hope that until then, your sever does not become abandoned...


  1. You missed 1 thing. I just became lvl 70. today and i saw that it told me to refine my mount. I had some mounts so i got my Phantom steed to 1 star to test it, as i thougght it was a bug. but i had a quest for it and it worked and i get some stats too. Pls can u check if it is a bug or something acctually that has been changed and if its not a bug is there a way for me to get some mount hoofs?

  2. Actually you can find plenty of moon dusts in Purg Maze, but moon stones are very rare. Besides cashing, I found a few in sacrifice.

    Looks like they brought the chests back, but the content is super crappy. Hope they will give better stuff in chests.

    1. Yes, I got 10x Moon Rock once in Sacrifice.
      But it will be also sold in "Turmoil shop" - I think thats where you can spend your earnings for "Chaos War" (server vs server battle).