Dimensions nerfed

Looks like Wartune can always outdo itself in making the game worse. This week we get the worst patch in Wartune's history.

First, they added a new fate system which is not using fate stones, but a different resource, "bead of influence". Obviously, we have 2 big problems with this addition. We have been collecting fate stones for many months, waiting for a new system, and now can't use them? Also, the "influence" stat suggests stun is gonna change. So you spent many months collecting XP to max out your holy seal talent? No problem, a casher can still stun you...

Second, they added a honor medal which can be upgraded. There is only one problem with this addition. It requires "Empire Truncheon", an undoubtedly super-expensive balen resource (which is not in the game yet). We already have enough resources which we can't use (dragon souls, mount hoofs, fate stones, soul crystals etc. etc) don't need something new that needs tens of thousands of balens.

The third "addition" is a HUGE nerf. Dimension resist bonuses are reduced severely, and the treasure chests are nerfed beyond recognition. It is a well known for experienced game publishers that nerfs (and big chances) are the best and easiest way is to get rid of your customers. I never see any nerf in Doomlord. There, if something needs to be changed, they balanced it by ADDING things, not by removing.
If resist was too much, they should have just added extra resist reduce, or a cap on resist.
I would say Wartune just lost at least 50% of it's income with this change. Personally, I will keep posting on the forum to reverse the nerf - at least about the chests.

And the worst thing is that this whole nerf was pointless.

  • Probably some people complained that players of lesser BR could beat them due to their high resistances. But, the way resist and resist reduce works (people have high resist reduce) you can build high resistance only vs one element. So this added a strategy aspect to the game (finally). Either go with the masses, and keep using Hercules or Hades - which are far the best sylphs - and suffer in pvp, or use another sylph to beat the "resist turtles".
  • Advanced dimensions take 4 more time to explore than an intermediate - and they have the same number of treasure inside. That is, you get 4 times less loot for your energy spent. The only reason why it was still okay to do advanced dimensions is the final resist. It's no more. I don't even want to mention expert dimensons which take 3 times more to complete than advanced...
  • The nerf did not attain it's goal. Since they not only decrease the resist, they also decrease the resist reduce bonus as well. So people's resist will be still higher than the opponent's reduce (although the difference will be a little less, but not much).
But, you know what? The resist nerf is the lesser bad. But nerfing the chests was pure evil.
The amount of sepulcrum and mahra have been reduced. Glint of Magic and Magical Moonlight is no longer in the chests (this is the worst, imho!), Also no more star sand and shards (this can be bad for some beginner players, but with latest free hot events giving out evolved sylphs, prolly not so big deal). And the added soul crystal, fate stone etc. does not compensate for this.


  1. Yea, and it's always the case that we have to find it out ourselves,
    that's the most annoying part of it.

    Definitely ruined by a Chinese company, Euro / US won't have the
    cheek to do such a snappy thing for the interest of their own people.
    That could only mean that playing on their latest patched Chinese server,
    would give way preferable treatment, as they favour their own kind,
    and honestly look down on other racial people (undeniable). Business is Chinese
    terms is: using whatever measures to be the best seller (and that also means even
    to cut the hands of their relatives and friends)

    After the sylph enchant/upgrade, they brought the sylph exchange with mahra and sepulcrum,
    Now this.. definitely their way of trolling us players, and a bite in the hand. Taking a brief read
    at the pumpkin carriage description, I realized they revealed their ignorance in the way they create events
    and losing their innovation to interest their customers, causing the game to turn close to an expected end.

    "It is weird how they don't learn - don't be too generous when you introduce a new feature, you can always improve rewards later, and everyone will be delighted. Give too much away to start, so you have to cut down rewards, and everyone's mad. "
    Hope this would turn out to be a backfire after all...

    1. Yes, sometimes I don't understand them, the "our customer is our enemy" is never a good approach.

  2. probably saw a reduce number of people doing God Descent since people have complete all the levels and others why waste time on an event where they going to come low down on board and not get very much in rewards. I can keep doing dimensions and if a clear intermediate dimesions I can get free star stand.

    1. Yes, god's descent is like Atoll Boss, only the 1st gets a good prize. But star sand and star tear is no longer dropping from dimension chests :(