Class Wars with sylph

This is the second Class Wars in Wartune which is using sylph instead of troops. First I was excited about the change, but now I admit I am disappointed, for the following reasons:

1.) This change introduced a LOT of bugs. Chaos rune not working at all on sylph teams (out of like 30 chaos rune, opponent was never targeted when in sylph form), game freezing and the player not being able to reconnect, targeting problems. I would also swear some of the skills are bugged (triton heal being ridiculously low compared to some aoes), the damage calculations seems to fail (lost to a dude who did nothing but healed, while the system is now supposed to count damage dealt), but I need to make a video of CW next time so I can "debug" what is actually happening.

2.) This change takes away hope from low and medium cashers. Previously, you needed only 1 strong sylph to compete. Now you need 3.

3.) The luck factor has increased too much. We already had enough in fights: illusion, deflection, regeneration astrals, chaos and amnesia runes, criticals... But now, the resistance boosts from dimensions make it an even bigger gamble, and in a 3 vs 3 battle is pretty difficult to see actually what is happening. There is no combat log like in other games, and this is a once per month event, so not much room for experimenting with strategies.

4.) The rewards are not upgraded since CW was added to the game. So every CW is nothing just 300 mount whips, a big disappointment which should be the crescendo of all character achievements. With the 3-sylph team, now you have to upgrade a Medusa to have an optimal team, spending tons of mahra, sepulcrum... just to get 300 mount whips monthly? This is a pretty nonsense.

5.) Duration of duels. Maybe the 2 and half minute was enough initially, but now people have so much HP, and there are so many ways to heal and reduce damage... So the 2 and half minute is just not enough, often it ends seconds before a final delphic. They should either extend the time of one round, or increase how fast we get the damage increase. Or, at least, display the damage dealt so we know how the match is going.

Anyway, this Class Wars needs some changes, the epic championship, the goal of advancing your character should be something more balanced, less luck-dependent, and better rewarded...

At least I could grab an XP bonus for my server, and the ability to summon goblins for my guild :)


  1. Class wars, might prolly only be doing bidding. Have taken a screenshot, and hoping the turnout next CW would be more or less likely the same turnout result, since it's a once in a month event. And with it bugged so bad, there's nowhere near telling how to prepare strategy for next CW. I wonder how will CSGB turn out this round.. hehehe... let's find out

    1. CSGB with its lags and bugs is the true nightmare, I wish it could be blitzed and get the vulcan hammers at end :)

  2. About reason 2 in new CW " This change takes away hope from low and medium cashers. Previously, you needed only 1 strong sylph to compete. Now you need 3" . This is incorrect. The strength of your "troop" sylphs is the same as your own strength. This has been proven as i have used a green madusa with 10k br but in cw it was able to withstand the delphic of an orange athena.

    1. The HP of your sylph troops is increased (I'm not sure of the exact formulae, maybe it inherits your HP, maybe its multiplied by a charisma factor), but their other abilities (atk, defense) seems to be the same as of the sylph's. For this reason, triton's all-mighty group heal is pretty weak here (healing for 30k HP when party members have 3-400K HP), the 30% absorb shield is much better. CW is very hard to "debug" since it happens only once a month. Best would be to make a video of several CW, and analyze the data.