Pumpkin Carriage analysis

As I promised, I made an analysis of the current Wartune "chest" event, Pumpkin Carriage. Here is what I got from the free chests I got from clothing synthesis:

The chest's average value is calculated the usual way: multiply drop rate of each item by its balen value, and sum it up. I set mount hoof value to zero: if you are a low casher, with fewer mounts, then you maxed your hoofs for that reason. If you are a top player, then you kill 8+ boss in DI each run, and you maxed hoofs for that reason. 

Anyway, the chest's expected value was 28 balens for me, which is still no-buy. Especially after a massive nerf to dimensions and adding VAT to balen prices, I don't think too many players are in the mood of spending.

But the original question was, whether to open these chests, or exchange them for cloth / mount whip. Obviously, opening has a better value, so I strongly recommend going for that. If you want the clothes at all cost, do this: Open all Carriage but 90. If you dont get any cloth, exchange the remaining 90 for them. If you got 1 cloth, then open 30 more, and exchange 60, etc. 

About the new Valentine's chest, will post an analysis as well when I have enough statistics. If you have any, please don't hesitate to post it. Thanks!


  1. I opened twenty valentine box and got 11 pumpkin carriage and 9 glass slippers

  2. What to do with glass slippers ?? Open it or exchange??

    1. I say, wait now, and see how much box we can get for free. Also I will try to collect some statistics on glass slippers contents. Right now, I say, try to collect as much as you can for free, and see if you can exchange them for a mount. A whip event might come or anything else is possible. If you cant collect enough slippers to exchange for a mount, then prolly its best to open them. But right now, wait until we have more info.

  3. I opened 115 glass slippers and this is what I got:

    50k daru = 23
    divinity shards x2 = 4
    sylph equipment shard x5 = 33
    sylph sepulcrum x3 = 14
    mahra x2 = 11
    epic miraculous shard x4 = 3
    magical moonlight x2 = 12
    glint of magicx3 = 11
    apolo seal (blue) = 0
    Coin of ancestry = 4
    persian cat = 0

    I know it's a small sample, but hope it helps. Most of it is junk except for the coins, sepul and mahras.

    1. Wow, thank you very much for these statistics!