Demonic angel or knight?

With the new troops, everyone is asking which is better, so I try to help you with this decision.

There 3 main advantages a troop can grant:

Damage. Angels have 5% higher attack, but knights deal 50% more damage (in average) if you have only one opponent, which is good in damage-race situations (wb, sky trial, god etc). So knight has a slight advantage, but it's very small.

Hit points. If your troops have enough HP to survive the opponent's first AOE attack, then your opponent must spend one or more extra attacks to get rid of them: this can win you additional turns. Knights has 1000 more base HP. Troop HP is calculated: troop count/200 * base HP. So for me, this means +17K HP for knights. Not much, but can make a difference sometimes.

ATK bonus via enlightenment, 20% of your troops attack stat is added to your own attack if you maxed out your enlightenment. Angels have approx. 1000 mor attack, which is 200 bonus to your attack. Actually it's more, since multipliers are applied, so for me, it's approx. +250 ATK.

+250 ATK sounds a cool bonus, so at first glance, angels look better. However, most of us had templar previously. In academy, we maxed out troop PATK - but not troop MATK. Without that, angels have the same bonus at knights. To get the above bonus, we have to max. out troop MATK bonuses in academy. That cost approx. 4-5 million kyanite. And now we got the question: what is more valuable, 4 million kyanite, or +250 ATK?

You all know I try to calculate everything into balens, if for nothing else, it's good to compate what has greater value.

In wild shop, you can spend an unlimited amount of kyanites. Fashion cores, good luck charms and many other goodies. A fashion core cost 240k kyanite. The cheapest you could buy it was 150 balens, so there you get 1 balen value for 1600 kyanite. Good luck charms 120k kyanite, same balen price, so its 1 balen per 800 kyanite. (Even if you have level 9 clothes, cores and charms are useful, since you can get free chests via cloth events.) So you can convert 4 million kyanite into 2500 „balens” at least.

I used to say, never spend balen on a stat, unless you gain at least +1 BR per 10 balen spent. Actually, this value has inflated, with triple big spender discounts and mega-sales, if you were smart, you could easily get +1 per for 5 balen or less. So 250 ATK is worth maxium 2500 balens (bu t rather, much less).

So maxing MATK for troops is at least 4M kyanite, which is at least 2500 balens worth.
+250 ATK is maximum 2500 balens (but rather, less).
And demonic knights have a slight advantage in the other 2 area as well.
Update: I tested this a lot. As I wrote, knights deal 50% more damage in average. In pve, angels deal approx. 7k, knights 7-14k. So the average extra damage I get per round is +7k. Of course this applies only in situations where I have live troops, still, this extra damage is definitely better on the average than +250 ATK.

Obviously, demonic knights are the better choice. You didnt think it, did you? Neither did I. Math is useful sometimes :)


  1. Hey! First of all love your blog! As person who graduated math in university you can guess i kinda fit the "Jack" profile :P Anyway ... your post is good but i think a bit off. First of enlightenment doesn't benefit from academy bonuses just from the troop base stats. Thus said Knights have 16831 base attack while angels have 18514. The 20% of the difference (1683) is 336.6 attack more from having Angels. Yeah generally speaking having another 2880 attack on the troops alone from academy is some of a bonus but to be honest with the current numbers in the game and considering they die everywhere for me personally it totally neglectable. Imho its not a rush to up them in academy if you have not! Having permanent 336 attack for yourself is nice little addition (beside in CW where we don't use troops anymore) so i went for Angels (was having knights before).

    1. Okay, I didn't know that the academy bonus is not transferred via enlightenment, thx for the heads up! Still, I know if I would have angels, I would spend the kyanite on troop MATK, like everyone else. So it's still a 4M kyanite vs ATK debate for me :)

      Also, I'm not sure anymore that the difference in troop damage is that neglectable. Let me show an example in World Boss. I have 100K MATK, in the non-sylph round, I deal approx. 2M damage. if I would have +336 ATK, I would deal +0.3% damage. If I have demonic knights instead of angels, they deal 6*7k= 42k extra damage, which is +2%. During sylph the difference is less, but still, on the average, damage bonus of the knights is like 5 times more than the damage bonus from the +ATK! In PVP it's different, but there the extra HP might shine in some situations (will try to experiment with a few charisma gems :))

  2. Hi Miklos,

    Can you make a post about the new event box, pumpkin carriage? This one is interesting because you can either open it, or trade it in for stuff. You can't do both. I'm leaning toward not opening it until the very end of the event. I would save enough to trade in for the cloths then open the extra.

    1. Yes, I have enough info now, will post it today.

  3. Till today, I still can't decide whether to get Demonic Angel or Knight -_-