Optimize play time

This article gives a complete list of Wartune actions, and evaluates their reward / time invested ratio from 5 to 1 star

The game Wartune has numerous built-in time saving features. Blitz is the best. VIP is also vital since it makes all improvements (building, academy) instant. In addition, you can buy Spirit Covenant. In my opinion, you shouldn't buy that. Lord of time and maybe Bounty Helper is enough. To make sure you don't forget to do anything important, check on devotion in the upper left box to see what you did today.

Here follows a complete list of actions in Wartune, along with an analysis how useful they are, and how can you optimize the time spent on them. 5 star: you should always do it. 1 star: doesn't worth your time.

World Boss (WB)
Wartune World Boss
World Boss is the most basic resource generating action of the Wartune game, your primary source for gold and daru. Sadly, it is also quite time consuming, 2 x 20-25 minutes each day. Whenever you can, you should do the WB, but NEVER spend balen on it, it's a very bad deal. (See this article why).
 You have the following options to optimize your time:
1.) Use AFK mode. If you turn on AFK mode, you have to check on WB only once a minute, send your character to the WB, and he will do pretty good (performance can be 50-80% of manual fight).
2.) If you are not at the computer, you can combine AFK mode with some mouse clicker which keeps clicking in the top middle of the screen and sends you to the WB after you die.

Multi-player dungeons (MPD)
Wartune Multiplayer Dungeons
MPDs give a huge amount of xp, also they give the crystalloids / legend stones needed for upgrading your equipment. Doing them each day is vital, even although it takes 15-30 minutes. Here, they key to success is to have 3 other players who are reliable and you can do with them the mpd each day.
You MUST find 3 players who can play the same time as you do, and are reliable. If you try to find a group each day, then it's a sure way to make you frustrated and quit. Doing it with the same 3 trusted people each day is the only way. If you trust each other, you can box a player's toon when he can't come online on some days. Playing 2 characters at once is not very difficult, so in worst case, if 2 of you online, you can complete the MPD.

 Solo dungeons 
Wartune Solo Dungeons
Solo dungeons take no time, since they can be blitzed. You should do them each day. Most efficient after mpd, so you can use an XP scroll for both the MPD and the solo blitz.

Tower of Kings (ToK) 
Wartune Tower of Kings

If you have your team for the MPD, this is easy. You need a fix, well working team here as well. Best to do it before the multi-player dungeon. ToK takes about 5-15 minutes, gives insane amount of experience and very good loot.
Please note that at the moment, holy seal is working in ToK, if you time your HS well it can make this much easier.

Forgotten catacombs 
Wartune Forgotten Catacombs
Since it can be blitzed, it takes no time, and has great rewards. Notes:
- You should use a crypt key each time. It worth it. Skeleton keys get you a crypt key usually 10% of the time, so if you have enough skeleton keys, you don't have to spend much balens on crypt keys.
- If you do not buy bounty helper, you can use the Forgotten catacombs to complete the „defeat X creatures” bounty quest, just make sure you blitzed to level 60 first.

Jewel Hunt
Wartune Jewel Hunt
 It's fun and great rewards, you should do it each day. Don't forget to ask help (even if you don't need). About spending balens: use „add attempt” for 150 balens only if you didn't even reach the first chest, or if you have 800-990 points, to reach the 2nd. Otherwise, it doesn't worth it (if you keep yourself to the max 10 balen per BR rule).

Guild Altar
Wartune Guild Altar
 If you are premium, this takes only 3 clicks, so there is no time issue here. The question is, if it worth the gold invested. Many say it wont. Well, if you follow my BR/balen advices, the 600K gold you spend each day on this worth 12 balens. What you get back in average is usually worth more, sometimes much more. You should do this each day.

Guild Battle
Wartune Guild Battle
Guild battle gives mount training whips, honor, contribution and insignia. If you don't have the time for it, just be there AFK. But you owe you guild to be there and fight if the outcome is not certain. Also do not forget that top 10 scores get extra honor and insignia.

Sylph Arena
Wartune Sylph Arena
This is another event which is fast only if you have VIP. Make sure your ranking is as high as possible at the end of the day, especially on Sundays. There is a trick to maximize your sylph xp here. At the beginning of the day, put in a lvl 1 sylph for your team, so people beat you down. At the end of the day, you can climb back by beating everyone and getting max xp for sylph. (bother only if your sylphs are not maxed).

Tree of Ancients
Wartune Tree of Ancients
Millions of experience for one click. Do it each day :)

Amethyst mine
Wartune Amethyst Mine
 The rewards are not so great (6.6 mount training whips), but it takes only a few minutes and a few clicks (can do something else while your toon runs and farms).

Wartune Astrals

Astrals deserve a separate chapter. In short, this works like everything else. You invest gold, and you get balens. As long as you get the most BR for your gold, you should put your gold here. There is one trick many people don't know, though. Doing astral is quite time-consuming. However, once your VIP level is high enough (level 5 or 6) you can use one-click capture to make the process fully automated and super fast. Great news? Sadly, not. Using this bugged feature gets you 30% less astral XP and Star Points, than when you do it manually. Test it yourself if you don't believe. So you either spend a lot of time on this, accept losing 30%, or use a script which automates manual clicking.

Bounty quests 
Wartune Bounty Quests
As long as your experience points are not maxed out, you should do these (even after). They give a lot of effort for little time, especially after you get a ton of bounty scrolls from fishing. You can optimize your time by purchasing bounty helper, although it's not much more time without it.

Card hunting 
Wartune Card Hunting
Requires minimal amount of time, but gives minimal reward too. Should be done each day, like rolling wheel of fate.

Wartune Plunder
Kyanite is an essential resource, so if you can, try to do it each day. Sometimes it is hard to find a target, though. If you have a buddy who have quit the game, ask his access and plunder him so you save yourself time (and if he happens to have a lot of gold, even better).

Wartune Farm
Farm gives quite little reward after a while. Once farm level is maxed out, many people stop bothering with this, or do it only 1-2 times a day. You should still make sure you have enough friends and your tree gets energized 30 times each day for the kyanite.

Tank trials
Wartune Tank Trials
 Personally, I hate tanks since it has nothing to do with the fantasy era, and it has nothing to do with stats and tactics. It's just a pure shot-em-up game. Still, this is the main source of runestones so you have no choice but do it. A 10-20 minute session, and/or losing and getting almost nothing can be a real pain. If you already have your team of 4 for MPD, do this together as well. If you know a team of 3-4 people who don't mind a quick loss and willing to synch their signup with yours, even better. Make sure everyone gets 1 kill or you won't get a chest.

The Spire
Wartune The Spire
Like MPD and ToK, this one is a team event which can't be automated, and takes a lot of time (approx 20 minutes). Unlike those, you can stop doing this once your experience and talents are maxed out. Spire gives nothing but XP, and a few balens. Once you have maxed out level and talents, just use the Get EXP button under Daily Events to claim the XP with one click. Also, if you are short on time, you can still skip Spire. It's just XP.

Divine Altar
Wartune Divine Altar
It takes 15 minutes each day, like a spire, but gives much worse XP. If a double alter is summoned, it's a bit better, but still – do this only if you are a hardcore fan with too much time (and xp/talents not maxed yet).

Wartune Fishing
Fishing can get you xp, mostly, in the form of shadow crystals, and later on, with bounty scrolls. Still it's a really mind-numbing activity, which needs nothing but a lot of patience. I hate it :)

Wartune Battlegrounds
As soon as you reached Lord Divine, you should stop doing this. BG is a total waste of time after. Some people still go there to cart for gems. Just do the math. In a 25 minute session, you can cart like 30 shards. So you need to spend 50 minute to get a treasure chest. 50% of the time, chests give useless stuff, like luck stones. 50% of the time, they give you a lvl 2-3 gem. So you need to spend 1.5 hours to get a gem which worth like 10-15 balens. That certainly won't worth it.

Circuit quest
Wartune Circuit Quests
Takes a horrible amount to complete each week (more than 5 hours), and the reward is almost nothing. If you are rich enough to own a computer and internet access, you are not poor enough to need to do this :)

Duel arena
Wartune Arena Duel
Once every 3 days, you should do some duels 15 minutes before results are announced to get a better ranking. Otherwise, this is just too much time for too little reward. You can do 2 things to optimize your time here: click on duel, then leave it happen afk while you do something else. Take of equipment and troops to make it faster.You will lose, but you still get something. Even better, you can use a mouse clicker (like with WB) to click on a player on duel panel and to do the 10 duels while you take a shower.

Group arena
Wartune Group Arena
Group arena takes like 30 minutes, and earns you insignia and pvp points. As long as you didn't collect the mounts from mount spirits, and while you can't get enough insignia from ToK, you can do arena. But even then, it's quite a waste of time :)

Sylph farming
Wartune Sylph Farming
The most mind-numbing grinder action in Wartune. You do it for 2 goals. To get more sepulcrum (getting one takes 60 kills, about 1 hour! And it worth 10 balens), and to get green / blue sylph. Green sylph has 5% chance, so you can do it in a reasonable time. Blue, on the other hand, comes from every 3-400 essence on the average. 3-400 hours to save 150 mahra... Unless you use some script (which is against ToS, unless you write the script yourself) you better off buying the mahra.

Tormented Necropolis
Wartune Tormented Necropolis
Although a few level 3 gems and several million of XP is nice, spending 225 balens on this each day doesn't worth it. Just get 100 devotion each day, claim signet training, and use every second day 2 signet trainings to get the XP from Tormented Necropolis, without spending a balen. Also don't forget, that you can revive once a day for free in Tormented Necropolis. So if you are close to killing the next boss, don't reset or use crypt keys. Just try it once then revive, and can retry it for free next day as well.

Achemy (Gold and Daru)
Wartune Gold Alchemy Daru Alchemy
Don't even click on it. It's just a trap to take your balens and give almost nothing for it.

All the above are just subjective opinions, you may find some actions more or less attractive.


  1. Like MPD and ToK, this one is a team event which can't be automated, and takes a lot of time (approx 20 minutes). Unlike those, you can stop doing this once your experience and talents are maxed out. Spire gives nothing but XP, and a few balens. Once you have maxed out level and talents, just use the Get EXP button under Daily Events to claim the XP with one click. Also, if you are short on time, you can still skip Spire. It's just XP.
    Spire also gives shards for fashion cores, when chests opened in bulk. I open when I get 30+ spire chests, + always get @ least 1 shard, usually 2-4, and once in a great while, a core. I stopped cashing completely, even VIP so this is Best way I can synth clothing. I spend bound balens on luck charms, now that I have all the lvl 8 gem scrolls I need.
    That said...this is a good guide overall. Thx.

    1. Dude you´ve got it wrong with fishing.
      It will take a long time, but at som e point you´ll be able to fish for fashion shards.
      It may be crap now (lv 10 insignia and presumeable locks at lv 20) but at v 20-25 we get something usefull.
      Overall good review but you forgot the long run.

  2. Im sorry but I have disagree with you in areans being pointless...That is possibly the worst fucking statement ever, First off its the 2nd biggest insignia resource above tok UNLESS you do ToK Hard or even Nightmare, guild battle being number 1 of course. The simple fact is you need 25k Insignia per 70 piece for a grand total of 100k Insignia just for your 70 legendary stuff, Not even counting if you make 60 50 or 40 legendaries... And on top of that you need insignia for Medallions for GB no guarantee your guild is number one to maxmize your Insignia gain each week. And ofcourse you can use any and all insigia to buy the 40 pvp neck and recycle it to get free refinement crystals so your validity of rating arean as 1 stay is null void and should be changed to a minimum of 4 stars. And duel areana takes like 20 minutes you can get naked or even just leave your shit on and fight somone stronger then you do your 10 attempts then done you get a ton of nice rewards through solo areans id give that a 3. And tank trials if done right with a friend takes less then a minute get in get out botta bang botta boom victory and diamond chest every single time.

  3. I never did 40, 50 or 60 legendary... I was level 55 in a very short time, so lvl 40 or 50 legend seemed pretty pointless to me. Skipping lvl 60 took more time, but it was one of the strats I used to get ahead of people who started eariler than me. My blog is about the optimal strategy, getting 60 legend before 70 is a suboptimal strategy.
    About being in the top guild, it's your choice only. Imho,unless you play just for fun and to socialize (then BR, balens etc don't bother you anyway), you should be in the top guild.
    We stopped arena as soon as we had enough mount spirits, and I had more than enough insignia to complete lvl 70 set even when there was no ToK aorund at that time. Now, ToK (even hard) gives more insignia than anyone would ever need.
    If you have all the crystalloids and legend stones, and still need to do arena to get insignia,something is wrong there...

    1. Insignia for loids and legend stones maybe not, but now you can get soul crystal and soul seal in arena shop with insignia

  4. This guide/blog is meant more for the cashier, or vip. I had a well huge response to this blog, but I am not going to write it again, since somehow it didn't send through. The blog is more for exp, when the game is about BR, if you level to fast you will always be behind others trying to catch up, while they concentrate on power, and get higher titles which give you bonus, they will always have better stat from astros, guild skill, and gems.. The blog never mentions anything we already don't know, so here is a huge tip. Save items for events, like soul crystals, whips, and other constant events and try to judge which is the best reward. This game isn't meant to be a sprint to max level, it doesn't take a genius to see that the game wants you to level fast, so why go fast. Take some time at different level points, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 (then once you're 80 it will start to be balanced anyways, time or your credit card will be the only thing that made a huge difference.) and look around at what players are doing on your server, build a well balanced toon compared to the average br and you will do fine. Rush to level 50 with only 22k br and you will be destroyed and will constantly be trying to catch other peoples stats and power. BR or stats help you get gold from WB, if you're weak you won't be getting lots of gold. With out gold you will lack in, BR which means weak astros, gems, soul engraving, and guild skills. This blog has some good points and can be helpful to a new player, but as a player who has been playing for a few months but I disagree with 80 percent of it! GOOD LUCK!

    1. Yes, my blog gives advice to those who are willing to pay for the game, because they consider it a competition and want to be first. And want to achieve this by spending as little as possible. Completely free players are just punchbags for the cashiers, although they can be better too if they take my advices. What you mention here is that leveling fast is not good. I never said people have to rush levels. There are some points where it is wise to wait a bit - but not by skipping activities. You have to do everything possible still. Just spend the xp on talents then, not on leveling. If you skip activities just to avoid getting xp, you lose more in the long term than what you gain with getting your medal a bit faster.

  5. Thumbs up! Here are my views on each:
    - I still do circuit quest just for the soul crystals
    - guild blessing is becoming rubbish after the 3.1 patch which can even give 5k daru or 1000 gold while 1 balen from fishing help and 1 mount whip from guild bless is a joke honestly.
    - multiplayer dungeon is much better than solo campaigns with reason to say that it gives some decent good loot even though at the price of loads of exp, and to trigger summoner just to farm legend stones with skele keys
    - fishing has been made easy with a fishing cheat to save time from wartune addicts blog :3
    - guild battle is painful with the amount of gold used to restore Hp packs when battleing against a stronger guild
    - group arena is the best way to earn insignias without losing/gaining any honor
    - battleground is interesting until you begin at crusader.. I should have many safety nets since I broke my honor to 40k level

    1. Guild blessing is actually tricky. You actually spend gold there to get bound balens and crypt keys (which worth 75 balens). 600k gold worth 12 balens, but the bound balens and occasional crypt key in itself worth more than that, all else is a bonus.
      Never spend skeleton keys on summoners. You can gain BR so fast, lvl 70 mpd is now easy even with 55 pvp equipment. So getting a lvl 50 or 60 legendary equipment is a terrible waste of time, money and other resources.
      In guild battle you can always sit afk at zone in if your opponent is a stronger guild :)
      Group arena is not giving normal insignia anymore, but yes, it's value changed since I wrote this article with the new rewards.