July big spender

A big spender event went live today. It is the exact copy of the June big spender event, they did not change anything. So just check my June analysis, the same applies here.

Conclusion: if your fate is not maxed out, you can get an okay (25%) bonus here if you spend at least 200 USD. But wait at least 1 day! Some more sale might come up, and you might spend some balens as well in god's descent. Also, the question is, if there is something to spend so much balens on. The obvious choices:

Imperial chests. You can read in detail about the imperial chests here. In short, probably the worst and greediest event is running currently in Wartune's history. It completely relies on people spending mindlessly on something which they desire much. If you need Apollo/Hades, AND are willing to spend a lot of money to collect enough shards for evolve, hope you were patient enough to wait for this big spender (I told you it's coming). Now you will be still ripped off, but at least 25% less :) If you dont have 400 bucks to get it for sure, but want to gamble some money: set your limit first, and stick to it!

Crypt keys to advance your dragon soul. I wrote about this in my previous article about Dragon soul, I don't recommend spending a large amount of balen on this, but to reach the next bonus pack together with other spendings its okay to buy a few.

God's descent. If you want to get far, you might spend some balens here (but not too much!). So do god's descent, jewel hunt etc. before you spent on anything else, so you dont spend a balen more than necessary.

Don't even think about buying mount whips, mahra etc. and other crap which is for sale. These are sold for 5-10 times their real value. And take me as an example. I never spend a cent on soul crystals and mount whips. Now my soul engrave is maxed out, and my stable is halfway to level 8. (Too bad the 70 free imperial chests I could claim for lvl 6 and 7 upgrade gave me nothing rare.) Just be patient, and use stuff only when you get bonus for doing so.


  1. this is not related but I figured I would post it here-- would you recommend using enhanced deflection and/or (the updated) enhanced regeneration in god's descent or sky trail? Which would be better for a mage? I'm just making an educated guess here, but, for those who haven't unlocked RES REDUC. yet, it's obvious that we will take more damage than we do so deflection might work well, where as those who do have RES REDUC. already, they will be dealing more damage than they are receiving and it might help to have the new enhanced regeneration astral.

    Interested in your thoughts as always!

    1. I'm using enhanced deflection there, and it works great! Enchanced regeneration, prolly unnecessary, before the boss goes berserk, he can't kill you anyway, after that, he kills you regardless (talking about late stages).

  2. okay! good point! thanks again:D