What would you choose?

I tried recently some of R2Games other wartune clones games. They look nice but you just keep clicking, claim reward etc. Not really much strategy, there are no hard choices to make. That's what I like in Wartune and Doomlord as well: you have to make choices. Some of them are long term, and if you make a bad decision, well... Let's see a few such choices.

Which class to choose?
My first - and very bad - decision was to make a mage. In Wartune, classes are well balanced in PVP, but not at all in PVE. All PVE events are a damage race, where the first, the faster gets more reward. And to make it worse, bosses (Necropolis, Sky trial, GD, everywhere...) go enrage after a given number of actions of that boss, making slow (ie. deep freeze) essential. So in PVE, an archer is about 2.5 times better than a mage or a knight. Also they don't have to worry about 2 sets of astral, and building a different sylph for CW. So yes, if you could change my toon into an archer at the cost of 10k balens, I would do it instantly :)

Chaos rune or amnesia rune?
This question is especially for class wars. Both runes take a lifetime to develop, so this is an especially long-term decision.
About chaos in general: if it lasts for 2 rounds, it really does little in CW. You get chaosed, you do 2x ligthning, then still kill your opponent's troop with RoF, can bleed, heal and start sylph at max hp. If it's 3 rounds, well, then things start getting ugly, that's too much delay. Fortunately, few people have lvl 10 chaos rune yet.
About amnesia: the real power is when you use it after your opponent sylphs, and he watches hopeless while you kill him. At least, that's the plan. Under the effect of a round 2 amnesia, the attack you choose first is resolved anyway, so you lose only one turn (and still do an auto-attack). Still worse than being turned off for 2-3 rounds by chaos. If your opponent has a lvl 10 amnesia (which is pretty rare) then it can be a real winner. But don't forget: in a future patch, ability to use runes in sylph form will be added. This will decrease the value of amnesia, since it might not turn off all sylph skills.
So chaos looks better, even when it's not working well for me. I also prefer my opponent having amnesia instead of chaos.

Soul crystal exchange to mount whip or runestones?
After you maxed out your SC, you can choose them to choose either into whips or runestones. In overall, I would say runestones is a better deal. Getting a truckload of whip which increases your atk by 1% is not such a big differences - on the other hand, chaos/amensia your opponent for 2 or 3 round is a big difference. There are 2 reasons why I still choose mount whips.
1.) The whip I get now, can use next event to get more soul crystals, which I can exchange to more whips, which when I use gives me more soul crystals... So it's value is increasing by time. The runestones, I get them, use them, and that's it.
1.) When you improve chaos/amnesia, you will see real difference only when you pump them up to lvl 10. So when I can finish lvl 10 instantly with an exchange, I will do it, but until then, I just keep recycling sc/whip, and take advantage of the free runestones from jewel hunt / tok chests / tank.

Enhanced deflection or regeneration?
Enchanted regeneration's cap was raised from 5000 to 50.000, making it a more useful astral. Question is, is it good enough now? I would definitely use it in sky trial, which you have to re-try multiple times, and one lucky streak is enough to win. In CW, I would still choose deflection, and it is simple math. Deflection will be useful in any round, regardless when it triggers: dealing 50K damage is always good. On the other hand, healing 50K is good only if you are already seriously wounded. Especially in mage CW, where people usually full hp at awakening, this astral is useful only in 2 rounds, opposed to deflection.
When you have to choose between 2 astrals, always make the math. Enhanced regeneration is 50.000 hp at 10% chance, so on average, it is 5000 hp per round. Even if you are wounded each round and the battle last as long as 10 rounds, it is no better than a holy brilliance which gives 5K hp as well (but more reliably).
Enhanced deflection has another big advantage in CW: if your opponent kills you and you kill him with deflection, you will win. If it wasn't this way, I'm not sure I would use even deflection.

Which sylph to use?
This is a very important question. And if you pump mahra/sepu for months into the wrong sylph, that will take you at big disadvantage.
For archer/knight, gaia->hercules is pretty obvious choice: atk type MATK (advantage in CW), increased atk bonus (everything is about damage blah blah), gives bigger damage reduction in PVE than other sylphs (since it's highest resist is 200, while apollo and hades only 100 - and in PVE, only your highest resist matters, element not), and very big damage skills. Also gaia is a free sylph, and you don't have to spend balen on evolve either.

For mage, hades for cw, and a gaia for pve content for the above reasons. But hades cost a lot of money (still 400 USD!) so if you can't afford it, you have to go with something cheaper (gaia, amazon, pan) and when you finally get a hades somehow you will cry seeing all the mahra/sepu rotting in a useless sylph...  


  1. the grass is always greener on the other side....

    chosing an Archer to play with is like the worst idea u could possibly have. Compared to other classes they have no advantage vs their own class in defens which means even Knights and Mages can beat them easily. Archers are nothing but Glass Cannons. My Archer usually is the first 1 to die in Group Arena with hier 150k br and 157k HP compared to the TANKING front row 130k br 137k HP knight. Archers are good in PvE when u can get an advatage with freeze, nothing else. I see this in the Wilds now too. When we fight a Lvl80 boss who dies first? me. Archers are squishy and cannot take any dmg. This game is made for PvP. And in PvP being in Archer is just the worst class u could possibly have chosen. There is a reason why Archers are quitting left and right - which IMO is also the CRIT that u simply HAVE to play with. In WB every day in every one there are usually only 10 Archers around.... The server now mainly exists out of Mages and especially Knights. in percentage it's like 60% Knights, 30% Mages and 10% Archers.

    I also play a mage on another server and this is far better. I don't even have a Crit built there and when I actually play WB (double hitting) I end up in top 10 easily beating all of those ppl with crit built who also partially double hit. A mage is much more stabil to play then an Archer. A mage is basially the class that can tank and sway in the brack row dishing out dmg left and right and healing when needed. I really like playing a Mage more then I like playing an Archer (or a Knight fo that matter).

    I would recommend for u to actually play an Archer for a week. Not one of those super cashed up ones but a roughly normal one on lvl80 with 130k-140k br. U will see what I mean then.

    And about the Sylphs: u r making it too easy. Yes they do have merrit but if u go with another sylph then the standard version u may get a significant advantage. My mage kills lvl80 Hades and Gaias with her AQ in CW because they don't usually built resistances against it. My Acher plays very well with a Triton against all those Gaia/Hercules users because I know how to play with it. You need to find a sylph that fits ur fighting style, not choose a Sylph by it's dmg. A knight or mage who play mostly defensive would have a hard time playing with a Gaia since that one is highly dmg based - they would do a lot better with a Pan (Medusa specifically) or an Iris (or speaking from the cash syphs PoV with a Hades since that one has more defense capabilities then the Apollo) .

    1. I forgot to mention that my Arch is lvl80 an my mage is only lvl66 with 110k br.