Greetings from Italy

Here is a greetings from Italy to all Wartune players! I'm spending my holidays near lake Garda. A beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains and ancient cities, there are many things to see. I am tasting the pizza everywhere, and trying the rides in the local amusement parks (to the left), but not necessarily in this order :)

I try to keep up-to-date with happenings in Wartune as well. I have seen they had a decent big spender event recently, 300 will crystal in itself worth almost 5k balens. Items which give % bonus to your stats (will crystal, resist crystals, god's blessing astral etc) are more and more useful as BRs rocket skyhigh. I will write in more detail about this soon.

They are not too bright sales-wise, though. The God's gift chest sale end just before the big sale, and they give a tiny recharge event just after it. If it would be reverse order (recharge event first, then a good sale combined with big spender) they would have much higher income.

About the current 500 balen recharge event, I recommend that you do it. These are always good.
  • 500,000 Gold (worth 10 balens)
  • Crystal Shard x200 (worth 80 balens)
  • Crypt Key x2 (worth 150 balens)
  • Mount Spirit x1 (worth nothing)
240 balen bonus on 500 purchase, almost 50% bonus, a good offer.

Also the unlimited gem event is cool. As a guild master, it was painful to get kicked from my guild with a 850.000 contribution history, but I had no other way to make room for the 40k soul crystal and 7k mount whips I ended up with after upgrading all my gems. Next SC event I hit 80 soul engraving finally. Mail vault is really clumsy, looking forward to stacks of 9999 items added.

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