God's descent hints

There are 2 things I don't like in God's descent. The first kill bonus: the event begins at 1:00 am CET, so unless you are an archer who don't need sleep, you don't have a chance there.  Also, the fights take too much time. You can keep fighting all day to get some gold and star sands. 

Anyway, all should do it to some extent for the final reward, so here are a few hints to make it easier.

  • Your attempts regen only while you online, and only if you didn't buy attempts in the last 10 minutes.
  • You get one attempt once every 10 minutes of the hour (so at X:00, X:10, X:20 etc). But if you begin buying attempts, you stop regenerating attempts! To maximize attempts for a single fight, collect 5 then wait 5-7 more minutes, and begin.
  • If you can't kill the boss in 30 minutes, you can use balens to extend this time - green cross bottom right corner of boss picture. (Although you can get pretty far without balens, so I recommend this only if you go for the top 2 ranks).
  • If the reset timer expires during fight, and you are going to finish the boss, no worries, he won't heal up mid-fight.
  • You get points for each fight even if you don't kill the boss. However, if your boss HP resets to maximum, you wont get more points until you beat him again. So you have to advance with bosses to advance your rank.
  • World boss mode. These bosses use the same combat routines like world boss. So you can use double attacks, and the early ones (lvl 50-60) are very suspectible to crits. I changed to will destroyer at boss19, I woss dealing significantly more damage there with it.
  • Formation. Early on, it's better to stand in front, so your troops deal damage for the entire fight. Later on (boss 19+) better if your troops stand in front and win you a few rounds.
  • Starting rage and sylph state. If you failed to kill the boss, you start at normal starting rage and 0 sylph state.
  • If you killed the previous boss, next fight you begin with the rage and sylph state you finished with.
  • Healing. Early on, don't bother about healing. If you die, just use the next free attempt.
  • Use slow skills (thunderer, deep freeze, mire rune) to extend the battle. Use offensive runes (bleed, rage) and astrals (enhanced deflection).
  • Sylph. Just use your best damage sylph (Gaia, Hades etc) except when you face a boss which is the same element, then use your second strongest sylph.


  1. May i add one hint . The attempts get reset 05:00 server time new , so if you play it smart you can have up to 12 in a Row

    1. I didn't know that, thanks for the info!

  2. Should we still use thunderer even though it takes 2 turns and has a 50% chance of slowing 1 turn?

    1. I'm sorry, but thunderer or any other slow doesn't work in God's descent anymore. But GD is becaming pretty obsolete compared to the players strength Even without slow etc, I can kill the final, 30th boss with 1-2 attempts.