Soul engrave & big spender

We got two "events" today, soul engrave and big spender. Wartune gives the same events us each month, but there is always some twist, so it's wise to examine if participating is worth it or not.

Soul engrave. use 100 soul crystals, and receive 100k gold, 100k daru, lvl 1-5 gem pack and 30 soul crystals.

Please note that the 30 soul crystal you receive you can use again to claim more rewards, which you can use again to claim even more etc.So this event is actually:

Spend 100 soul crystals, and receive 142k gold, 142k daru, 1.4 x lvl 1-5 gem pack and 43 soul crystals. 

100 SC worth 50 balens.142k gold worth 3 balens, 1.4 lvl 1-5 gem pack worth about 7 balens, 43 SC worth 21 balens (daru worth nothing). So by using a goodie worth 50 balens, you get a bonus pack of 31 balens. More than 50% bonus! A really great offer, you should spend all your SC. And don't worry about not getting mahra, mahra is overpriced anyway.

Big spender: the bonus packs looks pretty weak at first sight.

pack1: 33*+25+2=60 balens (6% discount)**

pack2: 33+100+4+60(prev. pack)=197 balens (9.8% discount)

pack3: 66+1000+8+197(previous)=1271 balens (25% discount)

*see Father's love value explained here
**prices calculated using this guide

Looks like if you want to get some reasonable discount, you need to spend 5000 balens. And that's with me valuing sepulcrum to 10 balens (will make an entire article just about sepulcrum soon).

Now let's see if there is something worthwhile to buy.
First, if you saved up your horns from sky trial, and think you should spend balens to get more will crystals, this can be the good time.
Buying fashion core for 270 balens apiece is a decent deal too since cloth synthesis.
If your fate is not maxed out, you can spend balens to reach chest2 and maybe chest3.
There is also on sale Poseideon's wing, a class A wing for 1726 balens. Unless this wing is essential to upgrade your wing by 1 level in the near future, this deal doesn't worth it: the stamina itself you get after identify worth only 400 balens (8x5 endurance: 40 BR)
And don't even think about buying soul crystal packs!


  1. Thank you for the post.

    We also had the option of exchanging 10sc for 2 whips.

    Would you please also do the same analysis for the current love thy mount event? I also wonder if it would be better to exchange for whips and participate in the whip event instead.

    In general, if you value each sc at .5 balens, and each whip at 2 balens, it is a disadvantage to exchange 5 sc for 1 whip. But with the gem bonus, I'm not quite sure....

  2. Would you please give the calculation of how you value each lvl1-5 gem pack to be about 7 balens? If you value lvl 1 at .5 balens, lvl 2 at 2 balens, etc.., valuing it at 7 balens assumes that on average, you get close to a lvl 3 gem. But in my experience, it's much less than that. My valuation is more like 3 balens. In the last event. I engraved 16k sc and got 160 packs. After converting and synthesizing, I get more or less 4 lvl 5 gems (512 balens). So each pack is 3.2 balens. Maybe I just had horrible luck.

    1. Actually, I valued 1.4 gem packs (one and almost a half) to 7 balens. So value of one lvl 1-5 gem pack is about 5 balens. How I calculate this:
      I opened about 700 gem packs. Counted how many lvl 1, lvl 2, lvl 3 etc gems were inside. Summarized it this way: 1 for lvl 1 gems, 4 for lvl 2 gems, 16 for lvl 3 gems etc. The result was 7000, so i get an average of 10 lvl 1 gem from every pack, which worth 5 balens, so 1.4 x 5 = 7 balens.
      Btw later I realized I was lucky, when I input data from all my friends average went down from 10 to 8.5.

  3. Following your example, I made my own calculation for this whip event. My first time, please be gentle with your criticism.

    100 whips worth 200 balens
    25whips worth 50 balens
    125sc worth 62 balens
    25 lvl1-3 gem pack worth 50 balens?

    so 162/200 is 81% bonus?

    Even if you value each whip at 4x sc (each whip is 2 balens and each sc is .5 balens) while Wartune values each whip at 5x sc (you can exchange 10 sc for 2 whips, this is still better than the previous event.

    Sorry for the multiple comments. I'm obsessed with your blog now. hehe

    1. Very precise calculation! Yes you are right, it's even better than the SC event. Especially if this can help you to upgrade your stables and claim the extra giga-prize. Unfortunately, they closed the SC to whip exchange before love thy mount started :( So if I would have been smarter, I would have read about love thy mount on aeria games forum in advance, make the math, and get a lvl 6 stable too, with +3k whips... You teached me something now, thanks! Will do this next time :)
      About lvl 1-3 gem pack value, now that I exchanged a lot, I got roughly 3 lvl 1 gems per pack, so the value is closer to 1.5 balens, it seems. Will make a post on gem pack values soon.