Glory of Gods event

Here follows a quick analysis of the current Glory of Gods event.

Let's see first what can we buy for the Hero Medallion. Here are the reasonable choices:

30 SC for 10 medals, so 1 hero medal worth here 1.5 balens.

10 mahra for 20 medals, so 1 hero medal worth here 5 balens.

frost bear for 300 medals, so 1 hero medal worth 13.3 balens.

scorpion for 700 medals, so 1 hero medal worth 8.5 balens.

loyal steed for 1000 medals, so 1 hero medal worth 8 balens.

You can also exchange 1500 medals for a purple sylph. Let's put aside the fact that If you can buy 1500 medals, you probably already have several purple sylph (hades, apollo etc). You need about 1500 mahra to build a purple sylph from green (you can farm a green for sure). So with this exchange, 1 hero medal worth 10 balens.
Obviously, the best deal is frost bear (if you don't have it), especially since prolly you can collect enough hero medals to get it for free or very cheap. Now let's see if it worth spending money on getting more hero medals.

God's gift.
Hero's medal is super-common (50%), whip, fate, gold and sc is common (12% each), 500 sc and sepulcrum rares (1% each), steed is ultra-rare (0.2%).

5 hero's medal: 0.5 x 5 x 8.5 = 21.25
2 mount whips: 0.12 x 4 = 0.48
2 fate stones: 0.12 x 20 = 2.4
80k gold: 0.12 x 1.6 = 0.19
20 soul crystals: 0.12 x 10 = 1.2
500 soulc crystals: 0.01 x 250 = 2.5
100 sepulcrum: 0.01 x 500* = 5
loyal steed: 0.002 x 8000 = 16
* previously, I valued sepulcrum to 10 balens, but recent experiments show that sepulcrum does very little besides granting some extra hp and helping in arena, so I reduced value to 5.

total value: 21.25+0.48+2.4+0.19+1.2+2.5+5+16 = 49.02 balens

The pack looks good value, better than the previous ones. But do not forget, the above number is based on you having average luck with the ultra-rare. If you open 200 packs, and don't win a loyal steed, your average value was only 33. So this pack is, as usual, for gamblers, and for rich people. You need to buy 280 to have the Scorpion for sure.

Another conclusion, IF you don't have a good purple sylph, but have the money (for example, you are from a new server) you should consider collecting 1500 medals and buying a purple sylph, it's much better deal than buying the mahra itself.
AND if you go for a puple sylph right away, and ready to evolve it eventually, I would recommend Pan! Check out the evolved sylph skills. All of them suck, except for Pan's, which are excellent. Obviously, the developers want to make Pan attractive.

Please do not forget: as you can spend an unlimited amount of money in this game, you can even spend an unlimited when they begin reducing prices slowly (as we have seen in the past months). So be wary. Prices will be even cheaper eventually. And keep yourself to your monthly spending limit! In other games, like Doomlord, you can be a top player just by being smart and spending 20-30 USD per month. Here, spending twice more will not make you much stronger.


  1. Thanks for doing this! Really helpful, I'm level 50, atm and itll take a long time to get a lvl 70 purple sylph and to be level 80. Do you think I should get pan and work on him since he has the best skills after evolving?

    1. Hades and Apollo are still the best sylphs, but if you are not a heavy casher, building up a Pan as your ultimate purple sylph now seems a good strat, yes. But don't forget, on the short term you need a Gaia or Amazon to have good damage during world boss (don't need to make them purple though),