Bad deals

I'm going for holiday, so this is my last entry for 2 weeks probably. But no worries, I will be back after and continue :)

Wartune can always enlighten me with some really bad deals and offers. Probably this is how they test if there are still some fools playing (surely, some do, but I sincerely hope their number diminishes due to my blog :) )

First, there is the "Wheel of Fate" event.
Spin the fate wheel 5 times a day! It costs 30+50+70+90=240  balens for the 4 extra rolls. If you lucky, you can get the average 2 stones per roll. So you get a total of 16-18 fate stones, plus a glory chest. Below-average deal, and you can get unlucky.

Resistance synthetise
Here is another poor promotion. On the aeria games forum, they advertised as giving will crystal (not the first time they mix up will crystal with crystal shards, btw). With resistance crystals as reward, this event is certainly not worth buying crystals for 1 balen apiece in current "hot sale" promotion (opposed to the 0.4 balen real value). I know a lot of people did orange maps in the past days to prep for this event. However, if they were smart, they did not spend balens, but asked some kind free characters to spend their bound balens on buying orange maps for them and join their party.
Well, at least balens can be traded, if nothing else...

Cya in 2 weeks!


  1. have fun & we will miss u XD

  2. Thanks :) Bad weather today so I am adding a post :D