The one-time goodie bag

Under Hot Events, the one-time goodie bag is up (although it is a mystery why they call it that way, since you can claim it an unlimited times). Let's put into practice my method to decide if this deal is good or not.

First, let's see the value of the packs:

20+20+12+25+10+2=89 balens
(8.9% discount)

50+40+24+50+20+4=188 balens
(9.4% discount)

150+100+60+100+50+10=470 balens
9.4% discount)

When calculating values, I used the usual method, found here.

As you see, this promotion is pretty poor: on spender event, they usually give 20-25% discount for spending. And to top it off, if you buy more, the discount does not even increase. And sadly, there is nothing in the shop worth buying. Sepulcrum for 20 balens apiece is a serious no-no.

So this is a bad offer. Do not spend.

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